Bridge The Gap

Chair – Stephen V.

January 31 2018

Hello Area 46,

It is a privilege to be of service as your BTG Chair. I am in the process of updating the contact list, if you are a chair for your district and we haven’t talked please contact me. See you in Roswell for the assembly.

The new mailing address for BTG cards.

PO Box 2768

Roswell NM 88202

Love and Service David D.


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     March Assembly Report

There were 26 members in attendance, 12 districts represented. We began by discussing the assigned agenda items. The 1st item: A new pamphlet addressing alcoholics being released after long- incarceration. The committee agreed it was worthy of consideration. The 2nd item: Putting the medical advice that was removed from the book “Living Sober “ back in the book. The committee read  what had been removed and wondered, why. They all agreed it should be put back in the book

I then passed around a signup sheet and copies of the BTG contact list. Members that wanted to be on the contact list were asked to give their information. 19 new volunteers were added bringing the total number of BTG volunteers in Area 46 to 238. We discussed the fundamentals of bridging the gap and following up after initial contact. I asked for help updating the contact list by removing inactive volunteers and passed out new BTG cards. There many questions and most of them were answered.

We closed with the Responsibility Pledge and the 3rd step prayer

Thank you for allowing me to be of service

David D  Area 46 BTG Chair

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