District 12

Welcome to District 12!

If you have questions about District 12 activities, have suggestions, or would like more information,

please email Stephanie M., DCM, at district12@nm-aa.org. or district12email@gmail.com



Many meeting in D12 are closed.

See NM-AA.org list of ONLINE meetings.



Or AlbuquerqueAA.org under the “cancelled meetings and changes” section for meeting updates as well as links to VIRTUAL meetings!!





Suggestions for holding meetings Re: COVID 19

Suggestions from the March district meeting: Each group is autonomous in deciding what they will do. Contact your church to see if it is still open. Many churches will be closed and we will need to find other locations or modalities to hold our meetings. Social distancing is recommended in order to prevent the spread of COVID19.  If we are meeting, please review CDC recommendations. 

Discussion of options included: Possibly meeting outdoors, having small groups at people’s homes. Our biggest suggestion is group video teleconference or phone conferencing. There are multiple platforms such as Skype, Google hangouts, ZOOM, among others. This is not an endorsement of any these services, just informational. Other suggestions include: not passing the basket, but leaving it at the front and allowing for AAs to come up and donate, not holding hands at the end of the meeting, putting extra space between chairs or sitting every 3 chairs apart, not passing around chips, not servicing coffee or food (something everyone often touches). We will get through this if we stay apart, together.




Groups in District 12 Updates Re: COVID-19

If you would like your group’s info posted here email DCM @ address above:

All meetings at Asbury United Methodist Church, 10000 Candelaria Rd NE, Albuquerque are cancelled.

Strange Mental Blank Spots will have on-line meetings as follows (see this link):
Sunday at 7:00 pm
Meeting ID: 544 085 091
Wednesday at 6:30 pm
Meeting ID: 440 241 407
Friday at 6:30 pm
Meeting ID: 904 563 952




Upcoming Events

Next district meeting:    Saturday April 11th @ 10:15

Only Available Thru Video Teleconference.  NO meeting at the Heights Club.

Zoom link to be uploaded. 




District Information Pamphlet (DIP)

If you are interested in any service positions, or just want to learn more about the business side of district 12, please check out our DIP link above!





Change Forms Important Info 

If your home group is in district 12 and has NOT yet updated your group change form, PLEASE contact DCM at email listed above ASAP. Your group may not be receiving important information from the district, area, and GSO! The DCM and alt-DCM are working to attend all the groups within the district, but much of the contact info we have is outdated and we have been unable to reach all the groups.





District 12 Monthly Business Meeting 

When: the second Saturday of each month at 10:15am

Our district meeting is open to everyone in district 12! You do not have to be a GSR or Committee Chair to attend. We welcome newcomers to AA service. It’s a great way to show gratitude for this wonderful gift of sobriety.




Our Trusted Servants

DCM – Stephanie M.

Alt-DCM – Phil M.

Secretary – Ira G.

Treasurer – Greg S.




Committee Chairs and Representatives

Accessibilities- Jaclyn S.

Bridge the Gap – Jeff B.

CPC/PI – Osha H.

Treatment –  Chance G.

Intergroup Rep. – Jim B.

Open position: Archives,  Corrections, Grapevine, Literature, Webchair, Young People

Interested in serving as a committee chair? Please attend our next meeting or contact DCM for more info!





Past Events

District Conscience 

We met on 2/29/20 to discuss some of the agenda items for the 70th General Service Conference in New York. Thank you to all who attended. We reviewed our assigned item, as well as a few others. There was a lively discussion and I think we all learned something. Our Alt-DCM, Phil, helped us trial the use of ZOOM (video conference software).  We will be trying it out again for our next district conscience in a couple of weeks. Please email DCM if you would like a copy of the minutes from the meeting at district12@nm-aa.org



Safety Workshop Co-hosted by Districts 12 & 13- January 2019




Donations to District 12 

Mail to: District 12    P.O. Box 20238   Albuquerque, NM 87154-0238

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