Bridge the Gap Committee

Our Purpose

The Area 46 Bridge the Gap Committee is a program intended to provide temporary contacts in AA to assist alcoholics leaving treatment and/or correctional facilities in establishing contact with the AA community.

What We Do

Corrections: Re-entry and Parole

Treatment Facilities

How We Accomplish Our Purpose


Contact the Area 46 Bridge the Gap Chair:
Stephen V.

Get Involved (A.A.Members)

Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous within Area 46 can get involved in our committee. If you would like more information about getting involved start here.

For Professionals

If you are a professional at a corrections or treatment facility and would like a free informational session to more fully acquaint your staff with these services, please contact our Area Bridge the Gap Chair.

For those who need help getting acclimated to A.A.

Please fill out this contact card if you or one of your clients wish to be contacted by a member of Alcoholics Anonymous upon release from your facility.

Bridging the Gap between treatment and/or confinement facilities and the return to community is critical in the continuity of our program of recovery. Our cooperation with these facilities builds the bridge which facilitates the road to success in solving the alcoholic dilemma for these individuals.