Area 46 Officers

Area 46 Chair

The Area 46 Chairperson acts as the chief administrative officer of the Assembly. The chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of area assemblies, consulting with the committee before setting the date and time, making sure that all groups are notified, consulting with officers and committee members on the program, and chairing the assembly meetings. The chairperson, more than any other officer, keeps the delegate informed about what is going on in the area, and makes sure that committee members are aware of what goes on in world services.

Area 46 Alternate Chair

The Area 46 Alternate Chair assumes the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence or at his/her discretion.

Area 46 Secretary

The secretary records and distributes minutes of area meetings. Type up all bids and motions and make copies available at the beginning of the Sunday morning session of Assemblies. Maintain, update and make available the Area Information Pamphlet (AIP) to all members of the Area Assembly.

Area 46 Treasurer

The treasurer keeps financial records for the area and reports regularly to the assembly. The treasurer is also responsible for encouraging contribution support for area and G.S.O. services.

Area 46 Registrar

The registrar develops and maintains records of all groups in Area 46, including group name, meeting location, time, and G.S.R. or group contact. be responsible for names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of the G.S.R.s, D.C.M.s, Area 46 Officers and Committee Chairs. Additionally, the registrar sends out emails to the entire assembly when required. They also assist the G.S.O. Records Department to keep their records up-to-date.

Area 46 Delegate

The delegate has a demanding job, not only because a large amount of time and work are involved, but because it is the delegate’s responsibility to serve the U.S./Canada Conference as a whole. As voting members of the Conference, delegates bring to its deliberations the experiences and viewpoints of their own areas. Yet they are not representatives of their areas in the usual political sense; after hearing all points of view and becoming fully informed during Conference discussion, they vote in the best interests of A.A. as a whole.

Area 46 Alternate Delegate

The alternate serves as a valuable assistant, often traveling with the delegate or giving reports for him or her. In Area 46, the Alternate Delegate also has the special functions of conducting Service workshops at various locations, providing distribution information for the Area newsletter, and serving on the Area Service Forum Committee as an advisor.