Alternate Delegate

The alternate serves as a valuable assistant, often traveling with the delegate or giving reports for him or her. In Area 46, the Alternate Delegate also has the special functions of conducting Service workshops at various locations, providing distribution information for the Area newsletter, and serving on the Area Service Forum Committee as an advisor.

Source: A.A. Service Manual (page S52)


Area 46 Service Forum

The Area 46 New Mexico A.A. Service Forum is to provide an open forum for A.A. members from throughout New Mexico to explore what “Service” means in A.A. – what it is, why we do it, how it works, and how to be a part of it. This forum is founded on the idea that growing in understanding about service helps each of us become better able to be of service. The Area Service Forum is to be held in July of the odd-numbered years.

The Alternate Delegate serves on the Area Service Forum Committee as an advisor to maintain historical format, consistency, and to coordinate with Host District as to facility, topic, and forum arrangements.

Area 46 Service Forum Logo (English)
Area 46 Service Forum Logo (Spanish)


Contact the Panel 74 Alternate Delegate:
Ally T.

Get Involved (A.A.Members)

Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous within Area 46 can get involved in one of our Area committees. If you would like more information about getting involved start here.

It is a privilege to get to serve Alcoholics Anonymous and Area 46 as your alternate delegate. I am ready and willing to serve as delegate should our delegate be unable to fulfill their duties. I look forward to working with the alternate DCMs and DCMs within each district to create productive service workshops on the 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts for World Service, the Six Warranties and any other service topic.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.