Ad Hoc Committee About the Books

Greetings from Kristina F., Chair of the AHCAB!

As you may be aware, Area 46 is now in possession of over 6000 pieces of literature sent to us by an A.A. employee of the Bernalillo County Detention Center, rather than sending them to the dump. This committee is charged with making recommendations to the Area for what might be done with these books. We will meet at least monthly, often via a video conferencing platform. All DCMs, all Area Officers, two former delegates, the CPC chair (acting as secretary), the Literature Chair and the Central Office manager are part of this committee if they want to be. All GSRs are invited to participate at Assemblies when we convene there.

The Committee will study AA Tradition as it applies to the many questions our handling of these books brings up. We will take our time as there is no financial burden to the Area (the books are being stored free of charge by a former delegate) and there is a burden that we follow all A.A. principles, Traditions and Concepts in making our recommendations. Willingness, Honesty and Open Mindedness will guide us.

You will receive a monthly report from this column of the ElF, minutes and other relevant documents will be posted at the Website, and DCM’s will receive minutes as well, whether they attend the committee meetings or not.

I request your prayers that we always be guided by the loving God of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tradition Two in all of our deliberations.

In service, Kristina F.

Here is a link to the committee’s charter: AHCAB Charter (by Kurt K.)

Here is a link to a One Page Summaryon what has been done to date.