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Area 46 Assembly – BTG Committee Meeting Minutes

Saturday, December 5-6, 2020

  • Steve V. Host/BTG Chair : Email
  • Serenity Prayer
  • Shared Area 46 BTG Committee Agenda for today (refer to your email attachment) Needs input from District BTG reps for input on these topics discussed today.
  • Comment: Zoom meetings are similar to Facebook “Friends.” We want more personal for recovery: Ideas: Chat in Zoom to a newcomer and request phone number and zip code so someone will call that area for meeting info to share with this newcomer.
  • BTG Form use: access by and go to “ Committees – BTG and down load that form.
  • Question: How to address the tech availability upon release for inmates : Possibility contact chaplains, PO’s, Probation, meeting guide App; BTG  card as intake process (Mesilla Valley Hosp. in LC) however, since Covid not much response from the Treatment Center
  • Question:  What to do re Bilingual Committee re Spanish speakers.  Ideas: Service position for a translator to attend zoom or in person meeting to translate.  How to do this?…21/02/BTG_volunteer_form-1.pdf
  • Books:  Ad Hoc Committee still exploring options of how to distribute:                                    80% split to Districts according to size of Districts.                                                             20%  split to be held in a Book Bank to be distributed within the service structure             How used here?   Book given to a contact person from BTG Contact list and given @ 1st meet up to present to the newcomer  More feedback is needed here from members and PI, CPC (distribute to student nurses, PO’s etc),and District Chairs
  • Any Urgent needs needing funding?  Ideas: update translation technology; $ for pamphlets for newly released/newcomers; rubber stamps for each District to stamp each pamphlet which tells them where to send the client contact info; Rent a PO box @ Area or District level; Create data bases or rebuild the web site entirely to include more comprehensive data for each committee regarding sources such as Chaplains,PO’s, etc. regarding BTG info which will be a billable charge to do this data base (4hrs for each committee) and billable hours to rebuild the website; Meeting in a Pocket pamphlet (no longer available to order) re: Area Corrections Chair Jimmy- suggested $600 to print 1,000 pamphlets:  Pamphlet says it is Conference Approved and was first used by a South Carolina group…Jimmy states it’s ok to reprint as long as nothing is changed – Includes: the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, meetings sayings, Serenity Prayer and page for AA contact numbers; handy visual to keep close and refer to after the meeting as well
  • BTG Contact list and a blank application requesting to be put on the Contact List: email Steve for this @
  • End of meeting and Responsibility Statement


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