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December 2020 ELF Report

Hello Area 46,
I hope everyone is in good health and you are enjoying our cooler weather. After discussing the frustrations we’ve been experiencing in establishing contact with our incarcerated brothers and sisters prior to release, I have created an AA Meeting Card (AAMC).  A draft of the AAMC cards was sent in an email to all Area DCMs in mid-November, please check your DCM email account.  I would like your feedback and any suggestions on the idea.  Wishing all of you a very blessed and happy Holiday Season!

Gratefully yours in service,
Jimmy F.
Area Corrections Chair

The corrections database is now in working order for those carrying our message of hope and recovery into jails and prisons. You will see the training dates for each facility for 2020 and contact folks.

View the corrections database

If you need applications, the following link works: and if you do not have email or internet, please call me and I will send you applications through the mail.

We are updating our database for complete information on jails in all of our districts.


 Archived Reports

El Farito Report

 The corrections database is still in process. It will give up dated information on contacts like chaplains, volunteer’s coordinators as well as orientations.