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I wanna thank District 3 for a great Voting Assembly it was a good turn out, I started the corrections committee meeting with the serenity prayer, there were 40 plus present in the meeting, I passed out my Correction bank account and explanted the difference between Pink Can Donations, and Donations from groups that donate quarterly and do not do the pink can,The pink can donations is for literature and , Donations money can be used to buy something that has to do with corrections,at this time I was going to start my topic for the committee, when a district 12 committee member asked if she could make a Statement of motion to the Corrections Committee so everyone said yes.This was the Motion.


We ask that the Area 46 Corrections Committee


1) Clearly define the purpose of pink can contributions.that is for the purchase of A.A. conference approved literature,Grapevine and la Vina,


2)Expressly state that pink can contributions can be used for no other than that stated purpose.


3)Direct that pink can funds be maintained in a bank account which is separate from other Correction committee funds and managed by corrections committee chair with the approval of the Area Treasure.


Name of the person bringing the emotion and his/her voting position:Stephanie M,GSR on behalf of Strange Mental Blanks Spots group,D12


Background and/ or reason for making this motion: Pink can contributions have been made by our group with the understanding that the money would be expended solely to purchase literature for individuales confined in correctional institutions, Members of our group were deeply disturbed to learn that pink can funds were used to pay for storage for a large amount of AA literature donated to area 46. This incident has revealed that procedures to safeguard pink can funds in area 46 need to be spelled out to adhere to so that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

Will the motion require a change to the AIP: yes


The change and the section page and number of pages that will be affected:

Pages 16, section I (6) (f) “Corrections Committee Chairperson” and a new section:


viii.The Pink Can is a way for A.A. members and A.A. groups to contribute to the purchase of A.A. Conference -Approved Literature and Grapevine/ La Vinas for those who are confined in correctional institutions. Pink Can funds are to be used exclusively for this stated purpose and are to be kept in a separate bank account from any other Correctional Committee funds. The accounting should adhere to the same guidelines as set forth in section vii above



Will this require funding: No


This motion was discussed by the committee most of the committee was against this motion, Steven from D18 made a motion to vote on this and it was voted not to pursue it, and that the Correction Chair person should be able to purchase books and literature with pink can and donations money,and use it as needed for corrections right of decisions as a trusted servant. We used the rest of our time on how to help Districts that need help starting meeting in the Jails and Institutions a lot of good input was given from districts already taking meetings  behind the walls Like don’t give up on trying to get in to start a meeting, Wardens and Chaplains get moved and we can take keep trying we were running out of time but,I would also like to add that I was given an ask it basket question on this matter of the Pink Can and Donations to explain the difference and other questions on the motion we discussed on Saturday, when I was going to give my answer on Sunday I was approached by D12 Stepanie to talk about the questions I was given, we talked and came up with a solution to work together and rewrite the motion on the pink can and donations wording, so that there won’t be so much confusion and so we can  take it back to the Correction committee at the December Assembly.Good Job Stephanie!

$170.00 was collected at the Assembly thank you.


Thank you for letting me be of service,










Hello everyone just got off the phone with District 2 Correction Chair  and there in need of some  women volunteers Closer to Springier NM,  to take meetings in to the Springier women’s institution in District 6, anyone wanting to know how to get started and do the orientation for clearance to enter the prison please call Kristina at 415-271-8560. Thank you


Donations to Corrections please send to 9323 Harbor Rd NW 87121 Albuquerque New Mexico make donations to area 46 Corrections  Thank you..

To become a volunteer or to find out more about Area 46 Corrections,


Volunteers needed at CYFD, Click HERE FOR FLYER Latest News:


Corrections Service Opportunities

District 11, Corrections chair (STU) needs volunteers to take meetings in to La Posada Halfway House on 4 Th and I/40 Meetings are Tuesdays at 6 pm and Fridays at 7 pm 2 or 3 persons per meeting.

Call STU) AT 505-203-3402 or Tony 505-435-8584 for more info.

Volunteers are needed at the New Mexico State  Penitentiary, Santa Fe County Jail,And the Santa Fe Youth Facility’Contact Joe,L. at 505-577-7477 for more information.

Women are needed in Albuquerque to help with a meeting that being taken into a half-way house for women coming out of prison. This would be a really good place to start. There is no back ground check or training and someone will be there with you.

Both men and women are needed at the Sandoval County Detention Center. There will be a back ground check but no state training required. Get with me and I will put you in contact with someone to go with you.

There is an opportunity to start meetings in Grants at the ICE facility, that’s  US Immigration and Customs. There will be a back ground check. but no state training. Get with me and I will send you the forms and an AA member’s number to get you started.

There are many more opportunities than these. If you want to be of service and don’t feel any of these are for you, please contact me. I will help you find your place in service.

For those interested the Corrections Correspondence  Service is in need of men to write to men in prison. The pamphlet number CCS – 3 is available on line at or a direct line to the Corrections office in New York is  212-870-3058 or contact me and I will mail you some of the pamphlets for your group.

If you have any questions, requests for a workshop or need help with anything please let me know.

Yours in Love and Service Tony G. Area 46 Corrections Chair  505-435-8584