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March 2020 ELF Report

Greetings Area 46 folks interested in Corrections service to our facilities in New Mexico. It’s been a busy month.

On February 1 I attended the Trusted Servants workshop in Albuquerque to become informed on how to best serve you. A great take away is we can copy the efforts of CPC from last panel and start a monthly phone call to stay in touch between Assemblies. If you are a Corrections Chair for your District or a DCM interested in Corrections who doesn’t yet have a chair, you are part of the Area 46 Corrections Committee. Please be sure to send me your contact information including email if you have it so I can link you up to the conversation. Our first call will be May 6 at 7 PM.

Agenda topics are coming up and will take a lot of our time next Assembly. Our conscience will help Bill L bring our voice to the Corrections Committee at the Conference, so please bring your experience and opinions to our meeting

We are still working on creating a data base to make it super easy to find out about correctional facilities in your area. At the Assembly I will have a list for each district to check for accuracy. You are a vital link to people who want to know more about how to serve in this way.

And speaking of service, the next two training opportunities for prisons are: 4/16 at Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center and 4/25 at Otero County Prison. Please contact me for more information if you want to know times and locations or need help in application process. Applications must be in at least 2 weeks in advance.

Christoph, our treasurer and I are still working on getting the bank stuff transferred. For now, I can report that I have not yet received any new funds from the pink can or other group contributions past what Tony reported in January. There have been two book purchases, a case to Eddie County and one to District 3 both logged in by Tony at the beginning of 2020.

February 2020 ELF Report

Hello friends of Area 46 carrying the message to our confined brothers and sisters in New Mexico. I am honored to serve you and want to know how I can help.

The corrections database is now in working order for those going to prisons. You will see the training dates for each facility for 2020 and contact folks.

View the corrections database

If you need applications, the following link works: and if you do not have email or internet, please call me and I will send you applications through the mail.

We do not yet have complete information on jails in your districts. If you can send me contacts in those facilities, I will do my best to update that information so anyone can easily access it.

There is an opportunity for Area 46 to support Big Book workshops in prison facilities if you are interested in this. Lisa K of District 2 organized one at Penitentiary of NM and it was a huge success. Please let me know if you are interested and I will work with you to make it happen.

I look forward to meeting all the district corrections chairs in March and going over agenda topics which you may have opinions on (!)

I have not yet spent any corrections funds but will let you know when I do.

Meanwhile, thank you for your trust and interest and never hesitate to contact me if you have a need.

With love, in service,

Kristina F Corrections Committee Chair

 Archived Reports

El Farito Report

 The corrections database is still in process. It will give up date information on contacts like chaplains,volunteer’s coordinators as well as orientations.It will also be helpful to our BTG volunteers .I will continue to help the new corrections chair Kristina F in developing and maintaining this.

Introducing Kristina F as new corrections chair

Prior experience

Women’s meeting at Santa Fe jail

Women’s meeting at Springer

Coordinator of springer meeting


Pink Can


Expenses for literature $396

Reserve $744.13


Motion to combine corrections contributions with pink can was approved with substantial unanimity. But failed at the assembly vote.


We give a glimmer of hope to inmates

Don’t give up

I wanna thank everyone for allowing me to server has your correction committee chair it’s been a learning experience for me I’m so grateful thank you.  




Beginning Balance 09/30/19                                                                               1,446.13

Central Office    Books Pamphlets                               10/11/19 -606.00


Central Office   Books                                       10/30/19 -85.00


Bank Service Fee                                                          10/31/19 -5.00


Bank Service Fee                                                          11/30/19 -5.00

                                                                                                                                745.13 Balance


Sunrise Catchers      D-3                                                                       75.00 P/Can

Downtown Lunch Bunch D-3                                                                                    15.00 P/Can

Downtown Lunch Bunch D-3                                                                                    15.00 P/Can

Westside  Noon Group   D-11                                                                           65.00 P/Can

Westside  Noon Group  D-11                                                                           10.00 P/Can

North Valley Group         D-11                                                             89.00 P/Can                                                                                             

North Valley Group           D-11                                                           9.00 P/Can

Los Lunas Ladies             D-3                                                         37.00 P/Can

New Beginnings Group    D-2                                                               80.00 P/Can

                                                                                                                 Total     $395.00

                                                                                           Balance Forward       $745.13

                                                                                           Total Bank Balance   $1140.13

A.A. Central Office       Books                       12/5/19 – 396.00

                                                                                                               Total         744.13 Balance

North Valley Group D-11                                                                                             8.00 P/Can

Laguna Group D-9                                                                                                     83.04 P/Can

West Side Noon AA Group                                                                                        50.00 P/Can

                                                                                                                    Total    $ 885.17 


Please Forward all Donations to Kristina address:


189 Thornton Ranch Road, Lamy NM 87540

New Corrections Committee Chair 

 Kristina F: 415-271-8560


Tony Griego

Corrections Committee Chair



El Farolito Report: (Corrections)

Hello everyone, not much to report this month getting ready for the December Assembly,getting a couple of topics ready for the corrections committee,I’ve also gotten some emails from  several groups about the pink can donations if they should still be collecting since we have so many books, we don’t have any books,there in the hands of the assembly till we vote to keep them or give them away at the December assembly,so please continue to collect donations for the pink can we still need literature for inmates behind the walls.

I wanna thank everyone for letting me serve as your Corrections Committee Chair, it’s been an awesome  learning experience in my life,Thank You.


Tony Griego

Corrections Chair.