Corrections Committee

Chair – Tony Area 46 Correction Chair

El Farolito Report


Hello Area 46, Corrections has been keeping me very busy,I’ve be in contact with some Corrections chairs and volunteers taking meets into institutions, on how things are going on in there Districts.The Pink can is doing good with donations and pink can collections coming in able to buy some books and literature for the inmates.Here is my bank statement on my Corrections Bank account. Balance Forward $110.62

Sunrise Catchers                                  Pink Can 90.00

Downtown lunch bunch                        Pink Can 20.00

Downtown lunch bunch                        Pink Can 34.00

New Beginning Group                         Donation 279.00

Santa Fe Group                                   Pink Can 10.00

Spiritual Awakening                              Pink Can 15.00

Rio Amigos Group                               Pink Can 36.75

Rio Amigos Group                               Pink Can 40.00

Ray Mack Group                                  Pink Can 8.00

Dixon Group Dst. 15                            Pink Can 34.10

Rio Amigos Group                               Pink Can 40.50

Downtown Lunch Bunch                     Pink Can 15.00

Sunrise Catchers                                Pink Can 18.00

Rio Amigos                                         Pink Can 15.00

Cosmos Group                                   Pink Can  39.00


                                                              Balance Forward + 110.62


                                                   A.A Central Office – 198.00

                                                                                                         606.97 Balance

Hope to see all of you at the Grants Conference Assembly.

Thank You for letting me be of service.

Tony Griego, Corrections Chair Area 46                                                                                                   


Hello everyone just got off the phone with District 2 Correction Chair  and there in need of some  women volunteers Closer to Springier NM,  to take meetings in to the Springier women’s institution in District 6, anyone wanting to know how to get started and do the orientation for clearance to enter the prison please call Kristina at 415-271-8560. Thank you


Donations to Corrections please send to 9323 Harbor Rd NW 87121 Albuquerque New Mexico make donations to area 46 Corrections  Thank you..

To become a volunteer or to find out more about Area 46 Corrections,


Volunteers needed at CYFD, Click HERE FOR FLYER Latest News:


Corrections Service Opportunities

District 11, Corrections chair (STU) needs volunteers to take meetings in to La Posada Halfway House on 4 Th and I/40 Meetings are Tuesdays at 6 pm and Fridays at 7 pm 2 or 3 persons per meeting.

Call STU) AT 505-203-3402 or Tony 505-435-8584 for more info.

Volunteers are needed at the New Mexico State  Penitentiary, Santa Fe County Jail,And the Santa Fe Youth Facility’Contact Joe,L. at 505-577-7477 for more information.

Women are needed in Albuquerque to help with a meeting that being taken into a half-way house for women coming out of prison. This would be a really good place to start. There is no back ground check or training and someone will be there with you.

Both men and women are needed at the Sandoval County Detention Center. There will be a back ground check but no state training required. Get with me and I will put you in contact with someone to go with you.

There is an opportunity to start meetings in Grants at the ICE facility, that’s  US Immigration and Customs. There will be a back ground check. but no state training. Get with me and I will send you the forms and an AA member’s number to get you started.

There are many more opportunities than these. If you want to be of service and don’t feel any of these are for you, please contact me. I will help you find your place in service.

For those interested the Corrections Correspondence  Service is in need of men to write to men in prison. The pamphlet number CCS – 3 is available on line at or a direct line to the Corrections office in New York is  212-870-3058 or contact me and I will mail you some of the pamphlets for your group.

If you have any questions, requests for a workshop or need help with anything please let me know.

Yours in Love and Service Tony G. Area 46 Corrections Chair  505-435-8584