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P.O. Box 35876
Albuquerque NM 87176

October 2017 Deadline for El Farolito is September 22, 2017, midnight!

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The Web Version has expanded to full color and 20+ pages. If you have an article, story, etc please email to us as we can publish more in the web version

Next mailing party: Should be in District 2, Santa Fe, August 29, 2017 And what a success it was! 19 people and only thirty minutes to process over 400 newsletters!!

Please contact me at El Farolito, if your District or group can host. For 10 people it only takes 1 hour (See chart of open months below). Thanks, Jeffrey



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Deadline for submissions:Differs each month. So read the El Farolito for the next month’s deadline. July 21, 2017 is the deadline for the August edition.  If something comes up; try and let me know by the deadline, and I can let you know if I can still get it in or save space for it.


Each month we are holding mailing parties to tape, label and stamp the issue. With about a dozen people it will take a bit over an hour. Please have your District step up and help me meet my goal of visiting all 19 Districts in my rotation. elfarolito@nm-aa.org

Feb-17 01/28/17
Mar-17 02/25/17
Apr-17 04/01/17  District 11
May-17 04/29/17  District 8
Jun-17 05/27/17  District 7
Jul-17 06/30/17
Aug-17 07/29/17  District 2
Sep-17 08/26/17
Oct-2 09/30/17  Dist 18
Nov-17 10/28/17
Dec-17 12/02/17
Jan-18 12/30/17
Feb-18 01/27/18
Mar-18 02/24/18
Apr-18 03/31/18
May-18 04/28/18
Jun-18 06/02/18
Jul-18 06/30/18
Aug-18 07/28/18
Sep-18 09/01/18
Oct-18 09/29/18
Nov-18 10/27/18
Dec-18 12/01/18

District Reports

Typically reports are submitted by email; some Elf Reps type them into the email or attach as a document. Please do not send a PDF file. Many Elf Reps report what is going on in the district and what they are doing to carry the message. Many include events, birthday celebrations, elections, business meetings, etc.  Some are short, some longer and anywhere in between. A suggested maximum length is 300 words.

AA Birthdays/Anniversaries

Submitting by email is best; phoned or mailed-in submissions are also welcome.
For each set of birthdays, please provide the name of the group, city and the month celebrated.
For each birthday, give the person’s name and length of sobriety.
El Farolito prefers to print birthdays after they have happened.

All AA events are welcome, meaning events that will have a meeting, speaker or workshop and are sponsored by an AA meeting, group, district or Area. An event held at a club is appropriate for publication in El Farolito as long as it is hosted/sponsored by a group or groups, and is not an actual club event.

Event fliers are welcome and will be printed when possible, or El Farolito will list the event under “Upcoming Events” with the necessary details.

If you send in a map, the less detailed the better and no-color is best. Sometimes they just do not print very clearly and can soak up a lot of color if not black and white or grayscale.