Committee Chair: Julio R.

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To become a member of the committee or to find out more about the Area 46 Finance Committee, contact Julio at

Anyone attending an Area Assembly is always welcome to attend the Finance Committee Meetings!


7th Tradition contributions can be mailed to:

Area 46 Treasurer
PO BOX 587
El Prado, NM 87529

Please make checks payable to “Area 46”

  Include your Group name and District number on each check


Calling all DCMs, District Treasurers and Group Treasurers!

I would like to invite all DCMs, District Treasurers, and Group treasurers to become working members of the Area 46 Finance Committee.

DCMs:  The Area can’t know how to serve the Districts if the Districts don’t communicate their wants and needs to the Area.

Treasurers:  This is your committee.  As a District Treasurer, other District Trusted Servants and GSRs often looked to me to help them understand the more confusing parts of Area finance and budgeting practices.

Groups:  I listed you last, but you are not the least…no one is more important than the Group!

If you would like to become an active part of the Finance Committee, send me an email at finance@nm-aa.orgIf you’re not sure about it, come to the Finance Committee meeting at the  Area Assembly and check it out.


A.A. Finance Related Documents

From GSO

  1. “A.A. Guideline on Finance”  (MG-15)
  2. “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix”  (F-3)
  3. “The A.A. Group Treasurer”  (F-96)
  4. “Services Provided by GSO/AAWS”  (F-176)
  5. Self-Support Card  (F-42)



Updated February, 2018