Public Information Committee

Our Area46 PI Committee

helps alcoholics by informing the general public about the A.A. program – “what AA does and does not do”.  If you are sober and have a desire to serve, you can help! When they’ve had enough, we want A.A. to be there in the yellow pages, on the bus signs, etc. – and that’s the service of our Public Information committee.
Chair: Mike D

Latest Public Information Report – Dec 2015

This month we attended the Area service assembly in Farmington. Our committee of approximately 30 members met with lively discussion. This included the KOB Health fair, carrying the message to the tribes and pueblos around the state, DWI classes, passing information to the professional medical field and finally a lively discussion concerning disseminating information about AA at the VA hospital and providing meetings and resources for veterans. We are currently asking for volunteers for our booth at the January 22-23 KOB Health fair at the Expo New Mexico. We will be providing literature in both Spanish and English. Volunteers are interested in spending a couple of hours in service are instructed to email

Thank you for my chance to serve in the assembly. I look forward to passing on my experience to our new chair, Mike D. We continue to promote via our literature to people and places where the AA message can be carried. We have new data on our web page and you can also find new material recently released PSA by GSO. I again remind folks to log on to the net and take a look at and click on list of videos to the right. Keeping our mind on the primary purpose… one drunk, working with another.

New Chair is Mike D

Literature Order Form in English
Paquete De Descuento in Español

What We Do

A.A.’s Public Information Committee carries the message by getting in touch with:

  • Media
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Physicians
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Clergy & Churches
  • Senior Centers
  • Spiritual Centers
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Bus Signs
  • General Public
  • A.A. Fellowship
  • Camp Grounds

Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Working together, members of local Public Information Committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media.

Why We Do It

The first Public Information Committee in A.A. was formed by the General Service Board in 1956. At that time, the following statement of “A.A.’s movement-wide public information policy” was written and approved at the General Service Conference:

In all public relations, A.A.’s sole objective is to help the still suffering alcoholic. Always mindful of the importance of personal anonymity we believe this can be done by making known to him and to those who may be interested in his problems, our own experience as individuals and as a Fellowship in learning to live without alcohol. We believe that our experience should be made available freely to all who express sincere interest. We believe further that all efforts in this field should always reflect our gratitude of the gift of sobriety and our awareness that many outside A.A. are equally concerned with the serious problems of alcoholism.

How We Do It

Some Public Information projects:

  • Placing Conference approved books, e.g. the Big Book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in public libraries.
  • Placing literature racks/books in high schools, treatment centers, hospitals, jails and libraries and locations, and keeping the racks stocked with appropriate literature and meeting schedules.
  • Sending letters to high schools, offering A.A. literature and/or a presentation on A.A. -what we do and we do not do.
  • Responding to speaking requests at non-A.A. meetings in the district.
  • Speaking at A.A. home groups to spread the word about P.I. and how it helps us fulfill our primary purpose.
  • Participating with booths and literature at local health, country and state fairs.
  • Placing meeting schedules in public locations where relevant.
  • Speaking at non-AA related events where we can tell the general public what AA does and does not do – including on radio, court ordered DUI classes and in treatment centers.

How You Can Help

The Public Information Committee needs all types of volunteers, from the shy to the bold:

  • We need members to help plan events, to stuff envelopes, and to fill literature racks in libraries, schools and other public locations.
  • We need members to contact police stations, hospitals, and senior centers about placing literature and schedules in their facilities.
  • We need members who would like to learn to speak to groups or as part of a panel, and who are excited at the prospect of going to our high schools and colleges.

Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Working together, members of local Public Information Committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media.

To become a volunteer or to find out more about Area 46 P.I. work, contact pi (at)

Check out Public Info Committee at GSO –

Our Workbook at GSO online for PI –

Read about the PI Committee – ‘What We Do’ in this pdf file

Read an article about PI/CPC in Las Cruces from Box 459 in this pdf file

Read the Public Information workbook at GSO (

AA Guidelines for Public Information from GSO PDF 

Latest News:

March Area Assembly PI Committee meeting will be mostly covering topics for our delegate to take our groups input back to the General Service Conference.

Ongoing workshops for all Professional fields: Specifically Legal and Medical fields

Ongoing DUI classes in Santa Fe and Farmington

Volunteers are wanted to be active members in the Area PI Committee. Contact me. ( )


Past Events:

We attended the KOB Health and Wellness Fair. I want to thank Jeff C. the Central Office Steering Committee Chair, Ray B., and Shawn F. for manning the booth Saturday.  I would also like to Thank Melissa S. and Stephanie R. for manning the booth on Sunday.

The event was a success for us as we provided information in the form or flyers, schedules, and verbal communications to a number of Health Fair attendees. It was interesting that the thing we ran low on first was the Problems Other than Alcohol pamphlets. We also ran out of schedules on Saturday. I obtained some more and ran out again on Sunday. I did notice that a couple of the people I talked too had recently moved to Albuquerque and had not yet found AA meetings. A few went to organizations that wanted the schedules as a resource.

We also talked to a number of people from the other Exhibitors who wanted information or to provide us with information on their services for alcoholics. One of the providers talked to me about a recovery fair to be held at the Civic Plaza and wanted to have AA represented at the event.