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Area 46 Website Committee

Area 46 Webchair : Jason O.

December 18 web committee minutes


Hello Area 46!


We had an amazing time at the assembly. You can find a link to the meeting notes above or check them out below courtesy of Kerri K.


Area 46 December Assembly
Website Committee Meeting


Issue #1

Motion Discussed

Discussed letter from AA World Services regarding 12 step “Meeting Guide” app. We will convey a summary of information from this letter to describe the app and then make the following motion:

Make a motion that Area 46 shall be displayed in the 12 step Meeting Guide App recently licensed by A World Services. It is a meeting directory in app form. This motion is contingent upon assurance from AA World Services has complete control over advertising on the app.  This motion requires no funding or changes to AIP.


Issue #2

Our website platform is going through a major redesign.  The committee will be working on making the necessary changes. The goal is to do this with volunteers however, minimal developer time may be required to ensure the website continues to run smoothly and to avoid compatibility issues.


Issue #3

Ralph discussed the need for an ongoing budget for the web committee. We need to make a motion (in 3 months) to request funds to be set aside for WordPress maintenance. We need to gather information within the next two months to be prepared to make a motion in 3 months.


Issue #4

The AIP description for the web chair and committee needs to be updated as the scope of responsibility has increased.


Issue #5

To make sure the meeting database is complete we need important information for each meeting in the state.  Please encourage all GSRs to send in the following information for their groups. The goal is to update our meeting database so it can seamlessly synch with the GSO database.

Each meeting needs the following info:


  • Group Name
  • Meeting Day
  • Meeting Times (begin and end)
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Type
  • Region
  • GSO Number
  • Location Notes
  • District
  • GSR Contact Info




For the love of Service,


Jason O.




ComputerWhat is the Purpose of the Website Committee?

The Purpose of the Website Committee is to maintain the Area 46 website as a vital means of electronic communication. The Website  committee carries The AA Message by providing a resource for information about A.A. and by maintaining information for locating A.A. meetings in New Mexico.It Serves as a Communication tool that provides information about Area activities and events and exchanges information about opportunities for involvement in Area activities.


♥Service Opportunities♥

WANTED: District Webchairs

Do you have a knack for computers or want to learn? Are you a member of AA, wanting to get involved in service? The website committee can do service anytime, from virtually anywhere. the web committee needs your help! volunteer for your district or find out more about the website committee by  emailing

Web committee Documents

I.Website Tutorials

Tutorial: How to Use Your Area 46 Webpage

Tutorial: How to Use Your Area 46 Email

II. Monthly Reports

04.21.17_Website Report

12.31.16_ Website Report

11.18.16 Website Report

07.31.16 Website Report

04.30.16 Website Report

03.31.16 Website Report

III. Guidelines and Anonymity

Area 46 Website Guidelines

AA Guidelines on Internet