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Area 46 Webchair : Jason O.

Hello Area 46!


We had an amazing time at the assembly. Roswell did a great job at this one. Great food and the accommodation were laid out perfectly.


This was my first assembly as your Webchair and I am thrilled at how it came together.



We discussed the importance of the meeting database and how imperative it is that it is accurate. We can’t have newcomers showing up to their first meeting and finding a locked door. This is a fatal scenario. Please keep me informed about meeting changes.


Another question that we need to consider is whether or not we should allow meetings to be listed if they are not registered with GSO. Please think about this as it will be on the agenda in September.


Are we going to allow the 12 Step Meeting Guide app to list our meetings? This is free but what will it mean as far as the traditions? Again, this will be showing up on our next agenda.


For the love of Service,


Jason O.




ComputerWhat is the Purpose of the Website Committee?

The Purpose of the Website Committee is to maintain the Area 46 website as a vital means of electronic communication. The Website  committee carries The AA Message by providing a resource for information about A.A. and by maintaining information for locating A.A. meetings in New Mexico.It Serves as a Communication tool that provides information about Area activities and events and exchanges information about opportunities for involvement in Area activities.


♥Service Opportunities♥

WANTED: District Webchairs

Do you have a knack for computers or want to learn? Are you a member of AA, wanting to get involved in service? The website committee can do service anytime, from virtually anywhere. the web committee needs your help! volunteer for your district or find out more about the website committee by  emailing

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