Help with Online Meetings

In our current “new normal” AA had had to adapt.  The rush of online meetings can be confusing and stressful for many. This page is intended to help groups navigate some of the challenges that come with online meetings.

Setting up an Online Meeting

There are a few different platforms you can use to set up an online meeting. Listed below are the platforms most-widely used for AA meetings in the USA. All four of these platforms are supported by our meeting list app which means there can be a live link for your online meeting on your group’s regular meeting page.

  • ZOOM (A PRO account will allow you to host a meeting for an hour or longer – $14.99/mo/host)
  • GoToMeeting (offers a 90 day FREE trial)
  • WebEx (A Starter account will allow you to host a meeting for an hour or longer – $13.50/mo/host)
  • Google Hangouts (Your group MUST have a Google account to use this platform)

Here is a good tutorial on how to set up an online meeting in Google Hangouts and ZOOM. Source: Inter-Group Association of NY, Inc.

Here is an excellent ZOOM security guide from an AA member.

For more help with ZOOM settings visit this page.

Hosting (and/or Chairing) an Online Meeting

A meeting host is the person (or person’s) who handle the meeting platform controls such as muting participants, screen sharing the readings, etc. A host can also chair the meeting but this can often be a different person.

Read A.A.  Intergroup of SF and Marin’s helpful suggestions.

Kerri K. borrow and modified a template that includes readings and online meeting etiquette suggestions. Download the meeting template to use in your group’s online meetings.

Handling Trolls / Disruptive to your Online Meeting

Online meetings can provide different challenges than face-to-face meetings.  One challenge is trolls or people who are in the meeting to intentionally cause a disruption.  Some of our AA friends in NY and in the San Francisco Bay area  have put together excellent tutorials on how to handle these trolls.

Read Inter-Group Association of NY, Inc.’s suggestions.

Read A.A. Intergroup of SF & Marin’s suggestions.