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The area 46 Young People in service committee will be holding a workshop hosted by district 9 on August 26th.  This event will be held at the “Day at a Time Club” in Fort Defiance. We will begin at noon with a potluck. This will be followed by a panel discussion on young people’s, young people’s meetings, and how to keep young people engaged and involved in AA. We will have 4-6 speakers and finish with questions after. We will be car pooling from Abq if anyone wants to join us please contact me at . Here is a link to a flyer for the event please spread the word at your groups and districts. Fort Defiance Wksp


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The area 46 Young People in Service Committee will be meeting July 27th, at 119 Coles Rd.  All are welcome! For phone and video conferencing options, please contact me beforehand.

Additional comments, questions, or concerns? Please email me below!

Hope to see you there,

Mike L.

Committee Chair

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Anonymity on Social Media Pamphlet Sub Committee

We have created a sub committee that is developing a pamphlet that will discuss Anonymity on Social Media. Please feel free to contact the area 46  Young Persons in Service Committee Chair Mike L. if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this project.

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More about your Area 46 Young People in Service Committee

I. Who We Are

The Area 46 Young Peoples in AA standing committee, encourages young people to enter into the mainstream of AA Recovery, Service, and Unity through the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts for World Service. Young Peoples groups are in no way separate from Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.  Members are involved in, and committed to all levels of AA service. Age is not a requirement for a young people’s group. Young people’s groups and activities directed towards young people in AA are helpful tools in reaching young alcoholics who might otherwise not give AA a try for many more years, if at all.

II. Basic function of Area 46 Young Peoples Committee

i.        Assist young people in finding service opportunities.

ii.      Connect young people with members of AA of all ages.

iii.    Provide resources, references and contacts to start and/or find young people oriented meetings.

To find out more about the Area 46 Young People in Service Committee, or about Young Person’s meetings, contact the Young People’s Committee Chair:

Mike L.