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CPC in March


We had our first monthly CPC conference call March 5th with 6 districts represented, and so much we had to talk about that we had to cut it off at an hour.  There’s so much enthusiasm about educating the professional community about AA, now the question is how do to that.  We talked about approaching the easy ones first, get your feet wet.  Using the AA Preamble, sentence by sentence to describe the AA program.  Be prepared, don’t go in by the “seat of your pants”be respectful, make it worthwhile.  We want people educated as to what we have to offer (and don’t offer).  Stress cooperation, you can always prevent affiliation later.  If we get too much into NO Affiliation right off the bat they might interpret that as NO Cooperation.  Keep it simple, educate, listen, enjoy.  Later you can take on the real difficult ones…  Diana, D-3 CPC chair grabbed the opportunity to educate her dentist’s office on AA.  We look forward to hearing about that on our next call April 2.

The Assembly in March in Roswell was a complete hit.  About 25 people made it to our committee meeting, including 5 district CPC chairs.  Later 2 new CPC chairs stepped up.  We spoke about the areas people are interested in opening up with CPC, what the concerns are, how to talk to different groups about AA.  We spoke about the pamphlet “Let’s be Friendly with our Friends”, which has all kinds of good background on where we come from in talking with professionals.  It was written by Bill W in 1958 and is full of great background.  We looked at each part of the Preamble as a way of entering into the conversation, it’s packed with information about what AA is (and is not), our primary purpose, non-affiliation… Anyone can use it.  Again stressing starting with the easy ones, the friends of AA.  Many doctors say, “go to AA, it’s good”.  But what if they could say, “it’s free, there’s no requirement for membership, all you need to go is a desire.”  Wouldn’t that maybe make AA a little more attractive to the suffering alcoholic?

I could go on.  I can’t tell you how inspired I am by those of you who are sticking your necks out to get this message out there.  Thank you so much for your service.

Sarah F, Area 46 CPC chair.


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