District 12

Welcome to District 12!D12 map

District 12 includes all A.A. groups located in Cedar Crest, Sandia Crest, Edgewood, and the Northeast quadrant of Albuquerque.  To see district boundaries within the city of Albuquerque, click on the picture of the map.

If you have questions about District 12 activities, have suggestions, or would like more information, please email Jeff B., DCM, at district12@nm-aa.org


The purpose of District 12 is to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.  At district meetings we discuss ways our groups are doing this and join together to carrying the message in ways individual groups might have difficulty doing alone.  If groups are having trouble, we share our experience, strength and hope with each other and look for ways to support each other.  We also participate in Area 46 (New Mexico) activities and support our Area Delegate by helping them prepare for the annual General Service Conference.

Monthly District Meeting

2nd Saturday of the month at @ 10:15 AM

ZOOM meeting ID: 966-013-794
Password: D12

Our district meeting is open to everyone in District 12!  Every group in the district is invited to send a general service representive (GSR) to represent the group at each district meeting.  However, you don’t have to be a GSR to attend.  We welcome newcomers to AA service. It’s a great way to learn more about A.A., practice the principles and show gratitude for this wonderful gift of sobriety.

District Trusted Servants

· DCM Jeff B. district12@nm-aa.org
· Alternate DCM OPEN
· Secretary Ronnie S. d12Secretary.a46nm@gmail.com
· Treasurer Greg S. d12Treasurer.a46nm@gmail.com
Committee Chairpersons
· Accessibilities & Remote Communities Jaclyn S. d12ARC.a46nm@gmail.com
· Bridge the Gap Elayne B. d12BTG.a46nm@gmail.com
· Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information Osha H. d12CPC.A46NM@gmail.com d12PI.a46nm@gmail.com
· Treatment Chance C. d12Treatment.a46nm@gmail.com
· Intergroup Representative Jim B. d12IGRep.a46nm@gmail.com

Open positions:

Interested in serving as a committee chair? Please attend our next meeting or contact the DCM for more info!  The following committees need chairpersons:  Archives,  Corrections, El Farolito, Grapevine, Literature, Website, Young People.

If you are interested in serving on a committee that already has a chairperson, simply contact the committee chairperson and ask them how you can get involved!

Mail 7th Tradition Contributions to:

District 12
P.O. Box 20238
Albuquerque, NM 87154-0238

District Information Pamphlet (DIP)

The DIP contains the basic policies and procedures used for the operations of our district.  If you are interested in any service positions, or just want to learn more about the business side of District 12, please check out our DIP link below!  We also recommend you refer to the A.A. Service Manual for a better understanding of the A.A. service structure used throughout the United States and Canada.

Click here for District Information Pamphlet (DIP)

Link to A.A. Service Manual

Change Forms — Important Info

Your group may not be receiving important information from the district, area, and GSO!  If your home group is in District 12 and has NOT yet updated your group change form, PLEASE contact the DCM at district12@nm-aa.org

Upcoming Events

District 12 is always looking for workshop ideas from our groups.  If your group would like the district to organize a workshop on a particular topic, please have your GSR bring your ideas to the next district meeting, or contact the DCM at district12@nm-aa.org.

Our next workshop is being planned for sometime in February 2021.  If you would like to get involved, contact our DCM at district12@nm-aa.org.

Past Events

Joint Events with District 13:  

Online Event: Staying Connected in AA While Social Distancing

Thank you for everyone who attended the workshop on 4/18/20. We had 30 AAs in attendance. Workshop opened with introduction of planning committee members and chair explained the format of the workshop. Our technology chair used the “breakout room” zoom feature to separate all participants into eight , 3-4 person groups. Each groups was give 3-4 questions to discuss with a focus on remaining connected: within the fellowship, through the steps and traditions, and through sponsorship and our responsibility statement  with the fellowship, based on the steps and traditions. After a brief break, all participants returned to the main ZOOM room to report on their groups discussion. The Q&A content of the group discussion can be found at the link below:


Click Here for Workshop Recording

Click Here for Area 46 Covid-19 Online Resource Guide

Additional Resources:

AA GSO COVID-19 updates: https://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/update-on-covid-19-coronavirus

Considerations from NJ Intergroup: https://nnjaa.org/intergroup/pdf/In_Person_Group_Considerations.pdf

Is your group considering re-opening?


for our groups to consider

  • Has your home group scheduled a group conscience or business meeting to consider resuming face-to-face meetings?
  • Is your group familiar with the latest CDC, state and federal regulations regarding gatherings (such as wearing masks, meeting size limits, social distancing)?
  • Has your group had a discussion with its landlord to learn if it will be allowed to resume meetings and if so with what guidelines?
  • Will your group provide hospitality service?
  • Will your group provide supplies, such as hand sanitizer and masks?
  • Will the group institute new protocols for cleaning/disinfecting common surfaces?
  • If a literature meeting, will your group share literature between members?
  • Will your group expand the Greeter’s role? Create new service jobs?
  • Has the group discussed concerns around the common handling of the basket, secretary book, bookie calendar, chips, tickets, pamphlets, etc?
  • Does the group have access to additional rooms for overflow or an alternative space?
  • If the group typically attracts more attendees than can now be accommodated with the new restrictions, how will it handle this challenge?
  • What will the group do at the point it reaches its capacity as defined in the latest regulations?
  • Has the group considered how it will respond if requested to cooperate with health department contact tracing efforts?
  • Has the group considered not reopening its in-person meeting until such time as it can meet unrestricted?
  • Has your group considered how its actions and decisions could affect other groups or AA as a whole?
  • If your group has been meeting on a virtual platform, will those meetings continue in any form after the group reopens?
  • Are there ways to combine face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings as one?
  • Has your group discussed its processes for accepting contributions? Electronic contributions options? Making contributions in keeping with its group conscience?


Safety Workshop Co-hosted by Districts 12 & 13- January 2019




Thanks for visiting our page! We hope to see you at a district meeting, workshop or other district event SOON!!!