District 13

Welcome to District 13

Albuquerque (S of I-40 & E of I-25), Tijeras, Moriarity, McIntosh, Willard, Mountainair, Corona

 District 13 meets on

the second Saturday of the month at

Metropolitan Community Church 

1103 Texas St. NE 87110

10:00 AM

***District 13 will meet virtually via Zoom until further notice***

Next meeting:

Saturday, November 14, 2020 @ 10:00 AM via Zoom

Our Bridge the Gap and Young People Liaisons are currently vacant.

Please feel free to attend and stand.  Your input is welcome and service is needed!

Contact Laura S. for further information, including URL and Meeting ID.

(917) 676-3674



Thank you to all who attended the Area 46 Virtual Assembly in September, and special accolades to the Web and Technology Team for all of the extraordinary effort to make it happen. The Assembly ran incredibly smoothly given the fact that this was new to all of us. Well done, everyone!

District 13 is continuing to focus efforts on providing more of a Public Information presence during the COVID-19 health crisis. Our goal is to communicate to the public that Alcoholics Anonymous is here, both online and in person, if they, or someone they know needs help with a drinking problem. We currently have GSO-approved public service announcements airing on a free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform, and are working on submitting similar information to local newspaper outlets.

District 13 intends to put together a bid to host the December 2021 Area 46 Assembly, however we are conscious that many venues are not yet communicating about booking space for large gatherings. Regardless, we are working diligently to find a hosting venue.


District 13 co-hosted a virtual workshop with District 12 about group considerations and concerns related to reopening meeting spaces in New Mexico in August 2020. We are so grateful for the support of 115 attendees from all over New Mexico State, as well as several participants from other parts of the country. Five local panelists, along with three non-A.A. guest speakers, shared their personal experience and professional expertise navigating this topic. The purpose of this workshop was neither to encourage nor discourage groups from holding in-person meetings at this time. It was not intended as a directive, especially with information changing so rapidly. We respect that each A.A. group is autonomous. We simply wished to offer information and resources so that each group might make informed decisions about reopening their meeting space in light of COVID-19. Links to the audio recording and Online Resource Guide are posted below, and a CD will be provided to Area 46’s Archives, as well as Albuquerque Central Office’s Media Library.

District 13 co-hosted a Safety in A.A. Workshop with District 12 in January 2019. The event was a huge success with over 150 attendees from all over New Mexico State, and even a few car-loads from Arizona. Past Delegate and Past Pacific Regional Trustee, Madeleine P., flew in from Portland, OR to serve as our keynote speaker. She, along with four local panelists, shared their personal experiences witnessing, addressing, and/or being the target of conduct that disrupts A.A. meetings; illegal activity; emergencies; sexual harassment, 13th Stepping, or stalking; threats of violence; bullying; financial coercion; racial intolerance; sexual orientation or gender identification intolerance; and pressuring A.A. members into a particular point of view or belief relating to medical treatments and/or medications, politics, religion, or other outside issues. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a forum for members to discuss the topic of safety, raise awareness in the Fellowship, and share solutions for creating as safe an environment as possible for all current and potential attendees at our meetings. A link to the audio recording is posted below, and a CD has been provided to Area 46’s Archives, as well as Albuquerque Central Office’s Media Library. We hope the content of this workshop will spark more conversations about the topic of Safety in other Area 46 Districts and Groups.

Group Contributions:

In March 2020, we voted unanimously to begin accepting digital contributions via a smartphone app-based payment platform. Offering a “virtual basket” is meant as an additional option, but not as a replacement for cash contributions. Either will be gratefully accepted by District 13 and put toward services for our local A.A. community. For more information about the “virtual basket” and collecting contributions digitally, check out the following: Best Practices for a Digital 7th Tradition, Digital Basket Question and Answer documentPayment Platform Comparison, and Box 459 article from 2017 which discusses this topic on pages 3-4.

Please consider including District 13 when your group makes quarterly distributions. It is through your generous contributions that we are able to provide services to our local A.A. community. Checks can be made out to District 13, and mailed to P.O. Box 11134, Albuquerque, NM 87112. To contribute digitally, follow this link: District 13 Virtual Basket, or send contribution in Venmo to user: district-13. If you have trouble accessing our account, please contact district13@nm-aa.org.

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Your Trusted Servants:

DCM – Laura S. Alt DCM – Ariel M.
Treasurer – Jack M. Secretary – Sarah H.

Committee Chairs:

Bridge The Gap – Vacant Treatment – Mac L.
CPC/PI – Loya H. Corrections – Renee L.
Intergroup Liaison – Kindyl S. YPAA – Vacant

District 13 Groups:

 AA 101  W  Noon   UNM – Mesa Vista Hall – Rm 1160
 Any Lengths  T, Th, Sa  Noon  Monte Vista Christian Church – 3501 Campus NE
 Basement Steps  Sa  5:00P  Monte Vista Christian Church – 3501 Campus NE
 Came to Believe  M, F  7:30P  Summer’s Bail Bond Bldg – Estancia/McIntosh
 Direct Amends  T  Noon   Kirtland AFB – East Chapel
 Early Birds  Su – Sa  6:30A   Desert Club – 4305 Mesa Grande Pl SE
 Estancia Valley Group  T, Th  7:00P   Church of Christ – 211 Irene St., Moriarity
 Estancia Valley Women’s  T  5:45P   Church of Christ – 211 Irene St., Moriarity
 Experience, Strength & Hope  W  7:45P   First Presbyterian Church – 215 Locust NE
 Fellowship Group  Th  7:30P   Desert Club – 4305 Mesa Grande SE
 Free Spirits  T, Th  6:00P   Monte Vista Christian Church – 3501 Campus NE
 Gp Alcoh. Unidos  M  7:30P   114 Pennsylvania NE Suite B
 Grateful Girls  T  7:00P   114 Carlisle Blvd SE  87108
 High Noon  Su – Sa  9:00A
  Desert Club – 4305 Mesa Grande SE
 How It Works  Su, Th  7:00P   St. Thomas of Canterbury Church – 425 University NE
 Keep It Simple  F  Noon   First Congregational Church – 2801 Lomas Blvd NE
 Kiva Group  Th  7:00P   St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church – 211 Jefferson NE
 Live and Let Live  M, Th  7:00P   Metropolitan Community Church – 1103 Texas NE
 Native American Group  Th  7:00P   Endorphin Power Company – 509 Cardenas SE
 New Frontier  W  8:00P   Monte Vista Christian Church – 3501 Campus NE
 Queer Ideas of Fun





  St. Marks Episcopal – 431 Richmond Pl  NE
 Six O’Clock Irregulars  Su – Sa  6:00P   Desert Club – 4305 Mesa Grande Pl SE
 Stag Group  M  6:30 P  Netherwood Church – 5101 Indian School Rd NE
 Still Seeking Serenity  W  2:30P   St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church – 211 Jefferson NE
 Straight Pepper Diet  F  8:00P   St. Marks’s Episcopal Church – 413 Richmond Pl NE
 Tuesday Knights  T  8:00P   Desert Club – 4305 Mesa Grande SE
 Women in Progress  W  6:00P   St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church – 211 Jefferson NE

You can email District 13 at: district13@nm-AA.org