District 14

El Farolito Report, District 14–Taos, October 2017

The 34th Taos Mountain Fiesta was a record high turnout. Thanks to all in attendance. Thanks especially to the speakers and those of service for making the entire experience so enjoyable and enriching. On Friday, District 14’s own Patrick T. spoke and participants were still talking about his story on Saturday.

Jennifer D. was the national speaker, and on Saturday evening she presented her own story, shedding light on the joys and tribulations of finding A.A. at a relatively young age. We are also very grateful to the Taos based band, Chicken Sedan, for providing music to dance to that same Saturday evening.

Reminder to local members—this month we are having our district elections. Please be in touch if you would be interested in standing for a position. If so please contact Christoph E, our DCM: christoph@cengledesign.com





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