District 14

El Farolito Report, District 14-Taos, June 2017

On April 24th, District 14 conducted a district inventory under the supervision of Francisco A. Teresa J, our Area 46 Chairperson was also present for ideas and support.

Just like the inventory in our own personal recovery, inventory done at the service level is a chance to check our spiritual condition and discover the truth about our “stock in trade.”

This was the first district inventory since 2012, when past Area 46 delegate Ray R. came up north to facilitate.

Beginning with a pizza dinner, this exercise in rigorous honesty allowed us to evaluate how well we as a district have been fulfilling our primary purpose. It also offered an appropriate time for individuals to voice specific concerns about our district.

Some of the matters discussed were ideas for increasing participation and enthusiasm for service positions in our district, and bridging the gap between people incarcerated or institutionalized and AA. We also discussed ideas for events geared toward carrying the message.

We are very grateful to Francisco and Teresa for having made the trip, and all of the district members who contributed to the process.

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