District 15

Welcome to District 15

Next district meeting will be in December on Zoom. 

Before at 930 will be Delegate report with District 15 and 14 click on this for the flyer, please come and join us.Area 46 Delegate Report

Click on link below for the minutes from the last district meeting from 8/20/20

Dist. Minutes Aug 20




Most meetings are Online. Please find online meetings at link below.


Online Meetings




Pojoaque  New comers welcome. 

Located at 101 Lightning Loop, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

The Pojoaque wellness center Tuesday 5:30 pm



Located at 299 4th Street, Chama, New Mexico, 87540

The Chama City Hall Wednesday 6:30 pm




Dixon Group (Face2Face 9/11/20)

We Are located at 1114 Private Drive Dixon New Mexico 87527

Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church

Meeting are on Wednesday 7 pm-8 pm & Sunday 6 pm-7 pm

KCB Open

New Meeting

The Continuous Action Woman’s Group in Espanola

We are located at 703 East Bond Street

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Meetings are Thursday 10 am-11 am

KCB 12 step study women only

The Chimayo Breakfast Club in Chimayo

(Face2Face meeting)

We are located at 7 John Hyson Drive,

Access from 31 Camino de Mission, Chimayo

Meetings are Saturday 10 am-1130 am

See flyer for more info


Join us for Breakfast

KCB Open

The La Buena Vida Group in Espanola

(Zoom Meeting till further notice click below sometimes and days)

La Buena Vida Group (Online)

  We located at County Road 8, #30 Barrington Street in Espanola

The San Pedro Community Center.

Meetings are Monday thru Friday 6 pm-7 pm

We look forward to seeing you there.

KCB Open

The Living in the Solution Group in Espanola

(Not Meeting at this time)

Has moved from Saint Stephens Episcopal Church

Located at 827 Spruce Street in Espanola

The Valley View United Methodist Chruch

Meetings are Monday thru Saturday 12 pm-1 pm

Come and get to know us.

KCB Open

The Pojoaque Group in Pojoaque

We are Located at 9 Grazing Elk Drive in Pojoaque

Nuestra Senora De Guadlupe church

Meeting are Tuesday 7 pm-8 pm