Welcome to District 16

District 16 is located in southwest New Mexico and includes the following cities:

Bayard | Columbus | Deming | Gila | Glenwood | Hurley | Lordsburg | Mimbres | San Lorenzo | Silver City

Drinking Problem? Need Help?

If you need help to stop drinking or need a meeting in the boundaries of District 16, please call our hotline.


Contact District 16

If you have questions regarding A.A. meetings or service in District 16, please contact Paula S., DCM:

District 16 Business Meetings

Our district meets on the second Sunday of the month at 11:30 AM. We are currently meeting virtually.

Contact us for Zoom information

District 16 Contributions

Send contributions to:

Rose Mary S
PO Box 99
Gila, NM  88038
Checks Payable to: “District 16”

Getting Involved (A.A. Members)

Any A.A. member living in District 16 can get involved in our district committee. If you would like more information about getting involved start here.

I'm so happy to be a servant of District 16. This place and the people in D16 are amazing. Come join us at any of our online meetings or face to face.

Fun Fact about District 16

According to Wikipedia, the Chino Mine, also known as the Santa Rita mine, also known as Santa Rita del Cobre, is an open-pit porphyry copper mine located in the town of Santa Rita, New Mexico 15 miles east of Silver City.

Silver City
Chino Mine