District 2

Meeting Minutes- August 2016

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Hello from District 2! We are so excited about your joining us for the Assembly on Sept 9-11. Please try your best to come to the Traditions Workshop. Our Alt. Delegate, Teresa F will make the Traditions an unforgettable puzzle…her format for studying them was taken all the way to Russia a few years ago, and made our brothers and sisters there really scratch their heads on what’s the best for their groups, and AA as a whole.

Our Hospitality Chair, Kit will be making terrific food too. And the IAIA is a beautiful campus honoring the arts and culture of the Native brothers and sisters we have here throughout New Mexico. Join The Tribe,  the regular Saturday at 6 meeting at IAIA will be happy to host those who want a meeting between our Saturday sessions. AA and First Nations coming together for experience, strength and hope.


Enjoy yourselves in “the City Different,” ( for those of us who are still working on what that means!) and thanks so much for your continued service to AA in New Mexico and beyond.


Oh and by the way, I’ll be including our monthly minutes on this post just to let those who are curious know what we’re up to in District 2


With gratitude, in service, Kristina F

Meeting Minutes

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