Welcome to District 7

District 7 is located in southeastern New Mexico and includes the following cities:

Artesia | Dexter | Hagerman | Hope | Lake Arthur | Roswell

Drinking Problem? Need Help?

If you need help to stop drinking or need a meeting in the boundaries of District 7, please call our hotline.


Contact District 7

If you have questions regarding A.A. meetings or service in District 7, please contact Laurie H., DCM:

District 7 Business Meetings

Our district meets on the last Sunday of the month at 3:00 PM. Location changes. Zoom meeting available.

Contact DCM for location and login information.

District 7 Contributions

Send contributions to:

District 7
PO Box 2768
Roswell, NM 88202

Getting Involved (A.A. Members)

Any A.A. member living in District 7 can get involved in our district committee. If you would like more information about getting involved start here.

District 7 is a great place to get sober, it was for me. Of course, any place you get sober is a great place.

Meeting Schedule PDF

This printable PDF will keep you up-to-date on all meetings in District 7.

Fun Fact about District 7

We are probably the only place you can find cowboys, rockets, old German prisoners of war camp, aliens, and oil.

Artesia AMS
Look out for aliens!