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Welcome newcomers, visitors, and travelers to District 9. Our District communities

are Acoma, Casa Blanca, Datil, Gallup, Grants, Laguna, Navajo, Thoreau, Tohatchi, & Zuni.

All meeting Schedules are below.


  District 9 Announcements  ]

Last updated Nov. 29, 2020

District 9 Meeting is Sunday, December 13, 2020 It will be online meeting. First will the Gallup Gathering meeting at 1:00 pm and followed with District 9 meeting, all are welcome to attend. Zoom App will use for the meeting. Java Group’s online Meeting will be used. Zoom – Meeting ID:  975 725 7414  Password: 4Z1yHJ

District 9 Assembly Committee for Area 46 in March 2021. Looking for volunteers to help with Assembly. It will be an online webinar.


7th Annual Sobriety Gathering 

Thank You!, everyone who attended this year’s Sobriety Gathering. We are happy to those who all spoke and participated. We still have shirts you can buy. Contact us and we will get a shirt. (pictures of shirt), email us a webchairdistrict9a46@gmail.com. $20.00 a shirt, Sizes 4xl to L. 

-Our website is down for Sobriety Gathering, we are working on getting up and running.

[ District 9 Online Meetings ]

Online Zoom Meetings – Must have App Installed on your smart phone and on your computer.  

Java Group’s online Zoom No Half Stepping Group Women’s AA Meeting
Wednesday + Saturdays at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, new meeting Friday Midnight meeting Tuesdays at 6 to 6:45 pm Every Saturday at 2 pm (MDST)
Meeting ID: 975 725 7414 Password: 4Z1yHJ Zoom Meeting ID: 970 436 0750 Password: 8mKZrp Zoom Meeting ID: 393 210 1902  No Password
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Baby Steps Group

Saturday 8:00 am Big Book Study + 8:00 pm Open Meeting, Sunday 6:00 pm Story from the Big Book, Monday 6:30 pm 12 n 12 Study, Tuesday 6:30 pm Open meeting, Wednesday 8:00 pm Open meeting, Thursday at 6:30 pm Speaker Meeting, Friday 8:00 pm 24 hour book meeting.

Zoom Meeting ID: 636 961 9033  Password:2020

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    7th Tradition for District 9     ]


Thank you everyone for your Contribution, It helps us to keep sharing the message of A.A. and Sobriety.


Update March 22, 2020 Due to the Outbreak of COVID-19 in our communities, District 9 is taking all precautions to keep all members safe. We are going to continue updating  information on AA meeting schedules and social gatherings in AA. Members are responsible for respecting all others personal space and Home groups Decisions in limiting physical contact, ex. (6ft personal space, no hand holding, covering mouth and nose when sneezing/coughing and constantly washing hands, If you are sick stay home). Contact your local home group for online meetings and support. Link:AAGeneralServiceAnnoucement.

Home Groups still open: Gallup NM(Limit people per meeting is up to homegroup)Laguna Group-Open.

Meetings CLOSED until further notice- Tohatchi Group, Sheep Springs Group No Half Stepping, Wings of The Storm Group-Hilltop Group- Baby Steps Group. Laguna Group, Zuni Group.


Spiritual Awaking Group schedules, Fort Defiance Arizona.

[   District Chairs   ]

Hello, These are new Chairs of District 9. DCM- Lenni H., Alternate DCM-(open service position), Treasurer- Thelma B., Secretary Report- Juan L., PI/CPC Jerry F., Alternate PI/CPC- Shayne., El Farolito- Gallantry K., Website- Gallantry K., Alternate Website- Chris D., Bridge the Gap- Jerry F., Literature- Kalyn B., Treatment- (open), Grapevine- Rachelle S., Young Peoples – Sean N.

Contacting District Chairs, Email Gallantry K. or Chris D. at webchairdistrict9a46@gmail. com – Please put who want to contact and your info.

Complete Schedule Here >>>D9schedule<<<


Meeting Type Abbreviations: O = Open, anyone can attend. C = Closed, Alcoholics Only. D = Discussion. BB = Big Book Study. SS = Steps and Traditions Study. SM = Speaker Meeting. B = Beginners. M = Men’s meeting. W = Women’s meeting. PL = Potluck Dinner. NS = Non Smoking. DB = Dine Bizaad, Navajo Language.


•   Monday  

Time Group Location Type
9:00 am


Wings of the Storm Serenity House, Gallup, NM 218 E. Hwy 66 (Corner of Strong St & Route 66) O, D, NS


Wings of the Storm Serenity House, Gallup, NM 218 E. Hwy 66 (Corner of Strong St & Route 66) O, D, NS, Literature
5:30 pm


Wings of the Storm Men’s Group Serenity House, Gallup, NM 218 E. Hwy 66 (Corner of Strong St & Route 66) O, D, NS


Baby Steps Group Church of Christ, Gallup, NM  1000 E. Green Ave. BB, SS, O, D, NS
7:00 pm


4th Dimension Zuni, NM  Christian Reformed Church O, BB, NS
7:00 pm  Laguna Group Old Laguna, NM  St. Joseph’s Evangelization Ctr, White Bldg. north of Church, San Jose Dr. & Old Hwy 66, Exit 114 W. C, BB, SS, NS
7:00 pm (CLOSED) Wings of the Storm Serenity House, Gallup, NM 218 E. Hwy 66 (Corner of Strong St & Route 66) O, D, NS
7:30 pm (CLOSED) Hilltop Group Gallup, NM  Church of the Holy Spirit, 1334 Country Club Dr. BB, NS