District 9 AA News – August 2018

Hello fellow AA members,

Our area for District 9 is still here with our updated meetings that are on the Area 46 New Mexico AA Website! Take a look!

We had our monthly District 9 Meeting with our trusted servants in Zuni, New Mexico at the Christian Reformed Church near the village! Our meeting was on August 12,2018.

This month Area 46 Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous will have a Service Workshop in Gallup, N.M. at the Silver Stallion Coffee- Bikes location at 213-B West Coal Ave, at our down town area . Starting at 1:00pm an open meeting ;Pot Luck following and the Panel Workshop on Service at 3:00pm.

Upcoming: 2018 District 9 Sobriety Gathering on October 5-7 2018. It will be at the Ford Canyon Veterans Center. The address is 908 E. Buena Vista Ave. in Gallup, N.M..

Our District lost an old timer great and beautiful Margaret M. She lived in Bluewater, New Mexico. Those of us that were close to her have been grieving her loss to our AA family. The Indians In Sobriety have started an Memorial Fund in her name. She was very active with our program and meetings in Gallup, Albuquerque and other locations.

This concludes the news for August 2018.

District 9 Secretary and Web Chair.   Karen T. Sobriety: 9/30/81  35 years.











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