District 9 News


This is the November Update for District 9:

We are having our District 9 Meeting on November 17, 2019, at the Day At A Time Club at 1:00 pm in Ft. Defiance, Arizona. This is next door to the Catholic Church.

I resigned from our District’s Secretary position due to family reasons. However, I am still the District Web Rep. and the Literature Chair. I was the former CPC/PI Chair the previous year for our District. It’s great to do service work as I learned so much about myself and stayed sober! I have clearer priorities from my service time. Today, I am in grief from a breakup in my marriage and my daughter’s high-risk pregnancy and is due next month. Those of us parents that have using adult  children understand my situation. My husband just got tired of my life. It’s been rough these past two years but I am glad I am alive and feeling emotional pain as sobriety is challenging and yet rewarding… I can cry with no shame and sm trying not to beat myself up.

Holidays are stressful enough but I can do so much realizing that I have a daughter that is carrying a child which in the Navajo Dineh belief is sacred…  Being a mother of seven adult children has put me at many times in doubt and confusion but I went through each situation the best I could.

Have a beautiful and peaceful happy Thanksgiving holiday…

God Bless you and your family and loved ones.

Karen T. District 9 Web Rep.