El Farolito Editorial Guidelines

1. The Area 46 Assembly has determined that all material appearing in El Farolito be from AA sources only.

2. Profane, derogatory, cruel or sarcastic material has no place in El Farolito and will not be included. Negativity and disunity are not conducive to Area unity, health or growth.

3. Matters of Area importance have priority in El Farolito. This includes information on the General Service Conference, Regional Forums, Regional Service Assemblies, Area Assemblies and Conventions, Area Trusted Servant meetings and Area Standing Committee activities. The highlights of Area Assemblies and other Area-level meetings should be published as soon as possible. Regular columns by Area Trusted Servants, especially by the Delegate and Area Chairperson, are strongly encouraged.

4. Other material suitable for publication in El Farolito may include the following:

a. District news, such as Committee meeting reports, information on new Groups and Central Offices/Intergroups, and the availability of District Services.

b. Group news, such as AA anniversaries, birthdays, contributions and special events.

c. Sobriety anniversaries (birthdays) to be included should cover not more than a three-month period and should not be published in advance.

d. Group announcements, Conferences, District flyers, etc. should be no larger than ½ page, with the exception of Area 46 Assemblies and Area 46 Conventions.

5. Letters and original writings, within AA Traditions, from individual AA members.

6. Reprints from the Grapevine/La Viña, Box 4-5-9, District or Central Office newsletters, newsletters from other AA Areas, cartoons, quips, poems, etc. Acknowledgement should be given to the source of the material.

7. Comments by the Editor, which ought to be infrequent, brief and to the point.

8. Full names, addresses and telephone numbers may appear in the confidential print version of El Farolito, with the consent of the individual concerned. It is recommended full contact information include the Area Delegate, Alternate Area Delegate, Area Officers and El Farolito Editor and appear in every issue. A list of the Area Standing Committee Chairpersons and DCMs should also be published in every issue. Sketches of the Area Maps should also be published occasionally.

9. The use of last names in El Farolito is permitted only with the express permission of the person concerned. An “AA Confidential” statement should appear in a prominent place in the newsletter, preferably on the page listing the information. The print version of El Farolito should be available only to members of the AA Fellowship.

10. Financial reports from Area 46 or El Farolito are not published in the Web version. Charts, graphs or other non-number specific graphics may be included.

11. The Linguistic District Report, the Bilingual Committee Report and the Delegate’s report should appear in El Farolito in both English and Spanish.