Documents & Guides

  Documents & Guides

I. Area Information Pamphlet (AIP)

  1. Area Information Pamphlet

  2. Area Information Pamphlet (spanish)

II. Website Guidelines

  1.     Website Guidelines

III. General Service Conference Guidelines

  1. General Service Conference Pamphlet ‘We are AA” 

  2. General Service Conference Pamphlet “Somos AA” (español)

III. Information on Hosting Assemblies and Conventions

  1.   Suggestions for Districts hosting Assemblies  

  2.  Suggestions for Districts Hosting Assemblies (Spanish)

  3.  Suggestions for Districts hosting Conventions

  4.  Assembly Signage

  5.  GSO Guidelines On Conventions, Conferences and Round-ups

IV.   Tutorials

  1.     Area Email Tutorial for Trusted Servants

  2.     Webpage Tutorial for Trusted Servants