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    Friday, to 6:30 pm

    • In-person

    • Discussion
    • English
    • Seniors

    "Tougher Than Boiled Owls" is a meeting dedicated to addressing the unique challenges encountered by individuals with long-term sobriety, spanning 25 years or more.

    As seasoned members of Alcoholics Anonymous, we understand that the journey of recovery evolves over time, presenting distinct obstacles and triumphs.

    This space provides a platform for open discussion and sharing of experiences, where older alcoholics can candidly explore their concerns without fear of alienating newcomers to the AA program.

    By fostering a supportive environment, "Tougher Than Boiled Owls" aims to empower individuals with long-standing sobriety to navigate their continued journey with resilience and wisdom.

    If you have longer-term sobriety, please join us!

  • 7th Tradition

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  • St. Bede's Episcopal Church

    1601 S St Francis Dr
    Santa Fe, NM 87505

  • Tougher than Boiled Owls

    Meeting Anniversary 12 April 2024

    District 02
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