Legal and Corrections Professionals
How A.A. in New Mexico Can Help

A.A. Wants to Work with You

Cooperation with the professional community is an objective of A.A., and has been since our beginnings. We are always seeking to strengthen and expand our communication with you, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. They help us to work more effectively with you in achieving our common purpose: to help the alcoholic who still suffers.

Contact A.A. in New Mexico

For information on A.A. Meetings or Literature brought into your New Mexico corrections facility, please contact our
Area Corrections Chair.

What We Do

The New Mexico A.A. Corrections Committee works to support A.A. members behind the walls by bringing A.A. meetings into facilities and/or by providing A.A. literature for correction facility libraries.

A.A. in Corrections Facilities

There are approximately 1,360 A.A. groups meeting in correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Each has a local arrangement between the administrators of the prison, work farm or jail and nearby A.A. groups.

A frequent question is why inmates have any need of A.A. while they are incarcerated. The answer is that the A.A. program is far more than staying away from alcohol. A.A. has been called a way of life, and its success for groups that meet while in custody shows that this program can help the alcoholic inmate live a sober and contented life, both while in custody and after release.

Many inmates were sentenced for crimes in which alcohol abuse was an important factor. This percentage appears to be somewhat higher among inmates in facilities for young offenders.

Corrections professionals often find many benefits for those inmates who attend A.A. meetings, and feel that an inmate’s chance of making it on the outside is improved by participation in the A.A. program.

Source: A Message to Corrections Professionals by A.A. World Services

Cooperation with legal and corrections professionals video from A.A.W.S.

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