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Area 46, New Mexico

If your District is interested in Hosting a New Mexico AA Service Forum, please feel free to download these suggested Guidelines for specific information that your District will need to know.

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2019 Southwest Regional Forum

Thank you Area 67, SE Texas

The Southwest Regional Forum was held in Houston, TX, October 11-13.  There were 443 in attendance this year, 214 of which were first time attendees. What a truly inspiring event to attend.  I always key in on the love and passion for our Fellowship by all who attend these Regional events.  We heard from the General Service Board Chairperson, and had a General Service Board presentation, Board presentations from both AAWS and Grapevine, our Current SW Regional Trustee, Class A Trustees, presentations and workshops by G.S.O, and presentations and workshops by our SW Region Delegates, General sharing sessions, and sharing from first time Forum attendees.  Our Delegate, Teresa J. represented Area 46 very well with her presentation on What does “Carrying the Message” Mean Today?  If you want to know what’s going on in AA, these Regional events are a great place to plug in and become informed.  If you missed the Forum in Houston this year, mark your calendar – 2021 is just down the road in El Paso, and 2023 will be here in Area 46.




2019 New Mexico AA Service Forum

Wrap Up – 190725 Financial Report

NMAASF Committee 2019-07-25 – Minutes

NMAASF Committee 2019-07-18 – Minutes

NMAASF Committee 2019-06-20 – Minutes

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NMAASF Committee 2019-03-21 – Minutes

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NMAASF Committee 2018-12-20 – Minutes

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Thank You District 2 for the Great Convention!



SWRAASA 2018 Highlights

2018 SWRAASA Traditions Presentation T2

2018 SWRAASA Traditions Presentation T6

SWRAASA was held October 5,6, & 7 in Branson, MO.  New Mexico had 8 people in attendance, and all our presenters did a wonderful job representing us.  Friday evening, all the Alternate Delegates shared on the Traditions.  Saturday, Patty B talked about rotating on, rather than rotating out of service and chaired a wonderful session on rotation.  A lot was discussed about letting go of the past position when we rotate.  David D shared his compelling personal experience with BTG and led a good discussion about Area 46 BTG and then we heard from other Areas what they are doing in BTG.  Lori P walked us through how all the concepts are developed from and lead back to the 12th concept.  She had attended all the Concept sessions throughout the day and was able to wrap up and tie together all the concepts.  As the sharing went along, there were several stories shared about how we utilize the concepts and specifically some of the warranties in Concept 12 directly in our home groups and Districts and Areas.  Saturday evening, the Delegates share on various topics.  Our Delegate, Teresa J, shared about Self-Support: What does it mean to the Fellowship?  She pointed out how our 7th Tradition is much more than financial policy, but also has a spiritual significance and represents overall participation in AA.  Sunday morning brings the Past Trustees together to let them offer their perspective on where we are as a Fellowship, and where we are headed.  Often times, as our elder statesmen, they offer cautionary tales about our current course so that we may steer away from danger or controversy.  It is a wonderful event.  If you ever get a chance to attend one, it is well worth while.  SWRAASA 2020 will be in nearby Amarillo, TX.





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