Area 46 Chair

Area Chair:     Kurt K.

The area chairperson is primarily responsible for the smooth running of the area assembly.   The Area 46 chairperson calls and chairs meetings of the trusted servants committee1 6 to 8 weeks before each assembly meeting in order to get full participation and input on setting the assembly agenda. Also, the Area 46 chairperson appoints the chairpersons of each area standing committee and may form ad hoc committees as needed.

Between assembly and planning meetings, the Area 46 chairperson serves on the area convention committee  and provides assistance as needed to all area committee chairpersons and DCMs.  The area chair is also available to be of service to all A.A. groups and members in New Mexico.  In general, the area chairperson provides support so other trusted servants throughout Area 46 can focus their efforts on carrying the message.

1The trusted servants committee includes area officers and committee chairpersons, the delegate and alternate delegate, and all DCMs.  Past delegates are invaluable members of Area 46 and serve as elder statesmen to this committee and the assembly as a whole.

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Area Assembly — March 28,29 2020

The next Area 46 Assembly will be hosted by District 14 in Taos.

Agenda and event information will be available in the Assembly section below.  This information can also be found under the “Events” tab on this website.

DCM/Trusted Servant Orientation and Assembly Planning Meeting — February 1, 2020

2020-2021 (Panel 70) DCMs, Alt. DCMs, Area Committee Chairpersons and Area Officers from across Area 46 will spend the morning getting to know each other and learning more about our new service positions.  After lunch together, this same group of folks will discuss, among other things, the agenda for the March Pre-Conference Area Assembly.

Location: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 431 Richmond Pl NE,  Albuquerque


Districts are needed to host the following events:    — Please discuss these at your District meetings —

Event to be hosted When to present bid
2021 Area 46 Convention March Assembly (2020)
2021 March Assembly March Assembly  (2020)
2021 September Assembly September Assembly (2020)
2021 December Assembly December Assembly (2020)

Workshop ideas for the Area planning meetings are requested from the trusted servants committee.  Please let me know what service-related topics you would like to explore with your fellow trusted servants.

Area Schedule

Date Event Location English Agenda Spanish Agenda Event Page
March 28-29, 2020 pre-Conference Assembly Taos Click here
June 5-7, 2020 Area 46 Convention Roswell Click here
Sept 12-13, 2020 Area Assembly Silver City Click here
Dec 5-6, 2020 Area Assembly Click here

Monthly Reports

·         Chair Report Jan 2018

·         Chair Report Dec 2017