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Panel 68 (2018-2019) Delegate:  Teresa J.

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I love hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at

$8.06 on 8/06 CHALLENGE

8.06 Challenge

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$8.06 Challenge Flyer EN

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Remote Communicator

Remote communities can be defined as those where individuals have difficulty accessing A.A. due to any of the following barriers:

  • Geography (distance or isolating location (such as a military base, reservation, etc.))
  • Language (linguistics or dialects)
  • Culture (customs and/or beliefs)

The day before the official start of the 2019 General Service Conference, most of the delegates got together to share their experience, strength and hope in serving remote communities. This year, the theme of the remote communities meeting was “Cultural Challenges in Reaching Remote Communities.”  The “Remote Communicator” includes some of the interesting ideas and experiences that were shared during this wonderful meeting.  You can download and read the “Remote Communicator” here:

2019 Remote Communicator

Communications Audit

WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THE COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT?  The General Service Board commissioned an audit of our internal and external communications to see how well we are communicating within our Fellowship and to the public.  The audit began in 2017 and was completed in 2018.  Please read a summary of the report.  (The results begin on page 11).

Communications Audit (English)
Communications Audit_ES (Spanish)

Delegate’s Schedule:

IT”S TIME TO SCHEDULE DELEGATE REPORTS (Conference Reports)!!!   😀 yay!

It is our custom in Area 46 for the delegate to give a report on what happened at the most recent General Service Conference in every district that wants one.  This gives members, who might not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to hear what happened and ask any questions they want.  (That’s right, all A.A. members are welcome to attend these reports!)

Bill, our alternate delegate, is available to give a Service workshop in conjunction with the delegate Conference report.  This workshop helps those new to Service understand the A.A. Service structure and the year-round Conference process.  When scheduling the delegate report, please let me know if you’d also like to have Bill give the Service workshop.

You can click here to see my current schedule:

Delegate’s Calendar 8.13.19

Getting Involved in the General Service Conference

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Delegate Report
August 2019

I’ve been travelling around New Mexico for the past six weeks to discuss the decisions that were made by the 2019 General Service Conference.  So far, I’ve visited Santa Fe (Area Convention), Las Cruces (D-4), Laguna (D-9), and have given 3 reports in the Albuquerque metro area (D-03, D-11 and D-18).  Our alternate delegate, Bill, has been invited to join me on most of these trips to give the Service 201 workshop.  We have several more reports/workshops scheduled, but there are quite a few districts that haven’t scheduled a delegate’s Conference report yet.

I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about electing our 2020-21 Area officers.  That’s right, the September Assembly will be our election assembly.  I would challenge all the voting members of our Assembly to spend the next month considering two things.  First, in what capacity are you willing to be of service in the next rotation?  If you are interested in standing for a position, whether at the Area or in your District, please read the AIP (or DIP if your District has one) and talk to people who have held that service position in the past to find out if it really is something you want to do.  Second, give some serious thought and prayer about who you think has served our Area well over this past rotation and who would serve us well in the next rotation.  Area elections should not be a popularity contest.  Nor should votes be based on where a person lives and how many people from their District are present to vote for them.  It is also not a given that people simply get moved along some imaginary line of succession.  Our co-founder, Bill W., cautioned that we must choose our leaders with great care.  If you will be voting at the September assembly, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders.

The September Assembly will also be exciting because our new Southwest Regional Trustee, Jimmy D., will be our special guest for the weekend.  Jimmy will share his recover story at the speaker meeting on Friday night and will give us a Trustee’s Report on Saturday night.  I hope you are making your plans to attend the September Assembly in Belen on September 6, 7 and 8.

See you in Belen!

Your grateful servant,

Teresa J.
Area 46 Delegate