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Panel 70 (2020-2021) Delegate:  Bill L.

Conference Committee: Treatment and Accessibilities

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I am very interested in hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at


Getting Involved in the General Service Conference

Your input is requested

Some of you may have heard by now that the 70th General Service Conference will not be held live, onsite in Rye Brook, NY this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Trustees and Board of Directors have elected to hold the Conference in a “Virtual” manner on a Digital Platform.  Please help me welcome AA to the 21st Century.  I am thrilled to help pioneer this first ever Virtual Conference.

I am going to offer five 1-hour sessions for open discussion.  All sessions are the same, so you only need to attend one to to have your voice heard by the Delegate.

Please feel free to review any of the available information, but please respect that this material is not intended for distribution outside of our Fellowship. Do not post on any social media platforms or distribute outside of our Fellowship.

To review and download a copy of the entire 70th General Service Conference Background material click  here

To review and download a copy of the entire 70th General Service Conference Background material in Spanish click here

To review and download a summary of the Agenda Items click  here

The Schedule is as Follows:

General Service Conference Agenda Item Discussions with the Delegate

I invite each of you to participate in our Delegate’s Conference Call Series.  I have scheduled a series of call in conference calls so that all of you have the opportunity to pass along any feelings and input which you may have on any of our Conference Agenda Items.

Sunday March 22,                           6:00 PM
Monday March 23,                          6:00 PM
Saturday March 28,                        2:00 PM
Wednesday April 1,                         7:00 PM
Friday April 3,                                  12:00 PM (noon)


Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6362

Access code: 857593#

Online meeting ID: area46delegate

Join the online meeting:


For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text “Help” to the Dial-In number above. Message and data rates may apply.

Delegate’s Schedule:


It is our custom in Area 46 for the delegate to give a report on what happened at the most recent General Service Conference in every district that wants one.  This gives members, who might not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to hear what happened and ask any questions they want.  All A.A. members are welcome to attend these reports.

You can click here to see my current schedule:

Delegates Calendar as of 3-15-2020

The Year-Round General Service Conference Process

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Remote Communicator

Remote communities can be defined as those where individuals have difficulty accessing A.A. due to any of the following barriers:

  • Geography (distance or isolating location (such as a military base, reservation, etc.))
  • Language (linguistics or dialects)
  • Culture (customs and/or beliefs)

The day before the official start of the 2019 General Service Conference, most of the delegates got together to share their experience, strength and hope in serving remote communities. This year, the theme of the remote communities meeting was “Cultural Challenges in Reaching Remote Communities.”  The “Remote Communicator” includes some of the interesting ideas and experiences that were shared during this wonderful meeting.  You can download and read the “Remote Communicator” here:

2019 Remote Communicator

Communications Audit

LET”S TALK ABOUT THE COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT…  The General Service Board commissioned an audit of our internal and external communications to see how well we are communicating within our Fellowship and to the public.  The audit began in 2017 and was completed in 2018.  Please read a summary of the report.  (The results begin on page 11).

Communications Audit (English)
Communications Audit_ES (Spanish)

Delegate Report
March 2020

Delegate (ENGLISH)

Spring is upon us and everywhere there is new life and new energy, and so it is with us here in Area 46.  We have a new rotation with new excitement and new energy.  We are fast approaching our first Assembly of this rotation, and the nervous anticipation is all about us.  New Area Committee Chairs getting ready to Chair their first Assembly meeting, new Area Officers getting ready to execute their duties for the first time at an assembly, new GSR’s about to attend their first Assembly.  DCM’s have had a couple of opportunities to hold District meetings but will be attending the Assembly as a DCM for the first time.  I love the excitement of it all.

Our March Assembly is also our Pre-Conference Assembly.  It will be held March 27, 28, & 29 in Taos.  I hope that many of you will have an opportunity to attend.  We will be gathering information from around the Area with respect to the Conference Agenda Items.  We are continually working on our methods to include all the Area Service Structure in this process.  We strive to include the home groups, GSR’s, DCM’s, Area Committee Chairs, and Area Trusted Servants.  The more widely we can diversify the participation, the more we can create informed feedback for the Delegate while minimizing the impact of this process on any District, Area Committee Chair or Trusted Servant.  My intention is to focus on the Saturday Evening Sharing Session as the primary source of discussion, and to utilize the Sunday morning open microphone time for listening to the concerns of Area 46.  I welcome all participation in this process and look forward to hearing from Area 46 and encourage all to attend the Saturday evening sharing session.  I am here to be of service to you and to serve the greater good of all of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This is the solemn role of Area 46 in the service structure; to support the advisory role that was once provided by our co-founders Bill and Dr. Bob to the General Service Board.   I will serve the General Service Conference on the Treatment and Accessibilities Committee.

In July, Detroit will host the 2020 International Convention.  Our Southwest Region will be hosting a Hospitality Suite during the convention.  If you have plans to attend the International Convention, and you would like to support our Area Commitment to help staff the hospitality suite, please contact me.  We are looking for a few volunteers who might be willing to spend an hour in the hospitality suite.

Between now and the March Assembly, I will be speaking in Amarillo at the Top of Texas Anniversary celebration, and travel to Oklahoma City for The SW Region Delegate’s Assembly.   I will travel to the 70th General Service Conference in Rye Brook, NY from April 17th through the 26th.  In May, I will attend a Men’s Conference, and June will see the State Convention in Roswell.  July will be the International Convention in Detroit. I look forward to filling the open weekends from May through September/October with travel to all of our Districts to present the 70th General Service Conference Report in person to Area 46.

In Love and Service,

Bill L., Area 46 Delegate


Delegado (ESPAÑOL)

La primavera está sobre nosotros y en todas partes hay nueva vida y nueva energía, y por lo tanto, está con nosotros aquí en el Área 46.  Tenemos una nueva rotación con nuevo entusiasmo y nueva energía. Nos estamos acercando rápidamente a nuestra primera asamblea de esta rotación, y la anticipación nerviosa es todo sobre nosotros.  Los nuevos Coordinadores del Comité preparando para presidir su primera reunión de la Asamblea, nuevos Oficiales de Área preparándose para ejecutar sus deberes por primera vez en una Asamblea, nuevos RSGs están a punto de asistir a su primera Asamblea. Los MCDs han tenido un par de oportunidades de sostener reuniones del Distrito, pero asistirán a la Asamblea como MCD por primera vez. Amo, el entusiasmo de todo esto.

Nuestra Asamblea del marzo también es nuestra Asamblea de la Pre-Conferencia.  Se llevará a cabo el 27, 28 y 29 de marzo en Taos.  Espero que muchos de ustedes tengan la oportunidad de asistir.  Estaremos reuniendo información de alrededor del Área con respecto a los Puntos del Orden Del Día de la Conferencia. Trabajamos continuamente en nuestros métodos de incluir toda la Estructura del Servicio del Área en este proceso.  Nos esforzamos por incluir los Grupos Bases, RSG’s, MCD’s, los Coordinadores del Comité de Área y los Servidores de Confianza de la Área.  Cuanto más ampliamente podamos diversificar la participación, más podemos crear comentarios informados para el Delegado, minimizando al mismo tiempo el impacto de este proceso en cualquier Distrito, Coordinador del Comité de Área o Servidor de Confianza.  Mi intención es centrar el sábado por la tarde la sesión compartida como la fuente principal de la discusión, y a utilizar el domingo por la mañana, micrófono abierto para escuchar las inquietudes del Área 46.  Doy la bienvenida a toda la participación en este proceso y espero con interés escuchar al Área 46  y animo a todos a asistir a la sesión de compartimiento del sábado por la noche.  Estoy aquí para servir a usted y servir el mayor bien de todos Alcohólicos Anónimos.  Esto es el papel solemne del Área 46 en la estructura del servicio; para apoyar el papel que fue proporcionado una vez por nuestros Co-Fundadores Bill y el Dr. Bob a la Junta de Servicios Generales.  Serviré a la Conferencia de Servicios Generales sobre el Comité de Tratamiento y Accesibilidades.

En julio, Detroit recibirá la Convención internacional de 2020.  Nuestra Región Sudoeste recibirá una Suite de Hospitalidad durante la Convención.  Si tiene planes de asistir a la Convención Internacional, y desea apoyar nuestro Compromiso de Área para ayudar al personal de la Suite de Hospitalidad, por favor póngase en contacto conmigo.  Estamos buscando algunos voluntarios que podrían estar dispuestos a pasar una hora en la suite de hospitalidad.

Entre ahora y la Asamblea de marzo, hablaré en Amarillo en la celebración del Aniversario de Top of Texas, y viajaré a Oklahoma City para la Asamblea del Delegado de la Región Sudoeste.  Viajaré a la 70a Conferencia de Servicios Generales en Rye Brook, NY, del 17 al 26 de abril.  En mayo, asistiré a una Conferencia de Hombres, y junio verá la Convención del Estado en Roswell, julio será la Convención Internacional en Detroit.  Espero llenar los fines de semana abiertos de mayo a septiembre/octubre con viajes a todos nuestros Distritos para presentar el 70o Informe de la Conferencia de Servicios Generales en persona al Área 46.

En el Amor y el Servicio

Bill L., Delegado del Área 46