Area 46 Delegate

Panel 68 (2018-2019) Delegate:  Teresa J.

Contact Info:

I love hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at

Volunteer Positions Open:

Non-Trustee Director for AA Grapevine Board

  • Experience in management, publishing (digital), media, e-commerce or website development.
  • Minimum 7 years sobriety required.
  • Deadline for application is July 1st.
  • Contact area delegate for application information.

Non-Member Speakers for 2020 International Convention

  • To share their professional experience working with AA.
  • Could be potential Class A Trustees
  • Deadline for application is June 5th, 2019.
  • Contact area delegate for more information.

Navajo Big Book Replacement CDs

If you purchased a copy of the Navajo Big Book prior to September 2018, you can exchange your Disc 12 for a FREE replacement CD.  In Area 46, replacement CDs are available through the following sources:

  1. All Area Assemblies and the Area 46 Convention — See Dave L. at the Literature display.
  2. Albuquerque Central Office, 1921 Alvarado Dr. NE, Albuquerque NM
  3. District 9 business meetings or contact the D-9 DCM, Jerry F.

Just bring in your old Disc 12 and you will get a new one for FREE.  Each new CD is in a plastic case for safe transport.

A sticker is provided with each CD.   The sticker can be placed on the original Navajo Big Book jacket cover to show that the CD set has been updated.

Navajo BB Flyer

Communications Audit

The General Service Board commissioned an audit of our internal and external communications to see how well we are communicating within our Fellowship and to the public.  The audit began in 2017 and was completed in 2018.  You are welcome to read a summary of the report.

Communications Audit (English)
Communications Audit_ES (Spanish)

Delegate’s Schedule:

IT”S TIME TO SCHEDULE DELEGATE REPORTS (Conference Reports)!!!   😀 yay!

My first Conference Report will be given at the Area 46 Convention in Santa Fe (June 7-9, 2019).  Bill, Alt. delegate, is available to give a Service workshop in conjunction with the delegate report; this service workshop helps those new to Service understand the AA Service structure and the year-round Conference process.  When scheduling the delegate report, please let me know if you’d like to have Bill give the Service workshop.

You can click here to see my current schedule:

Delegate’s Calendar 4.1.19

Getting Involved in the General Service Conference

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Delegate Report
April 2019

Bill L., alternate delegate, and I attended the Southwest Region Delegate Assembly (SWRDA) on March 8 – 10 at Oklahoma City.  We were joined by delegates and alternate delegates, past delegates (including 4 from Area 46), the current SW regional trustee and past trustees from around the region.  In all, around 90 people from 11 areas showed up for the purpose of discussing topics related to AA Service and helping to prepare the new delegates for the General Service Conference.  There were presentations and a mock conference using agenda items from past Conferences.  There was no discussion about the current Conference Agenda Items; everyone’s focus remained on procedures and general topics. As a second-year delegate, I got to share my experience, strength and hope with the first-year delegates.  It was a good feeling to be able to “pay it forward.”

I would like to start some in-depth discussions about the Communications Audit that was commissioned by the General Service Board (GSB) in 2017 and 2018. The GSB has spent  $265K on this project to date and has budgeted another $187K for 2019.  The full report of the Communications Audit was over 300 pages.  The GSB has given us an abridged report that is less than 30 pages long (the results begin on page 11).  The GSB is using the Communications Audit to guide their decisions.  I believe it is vital that we be aware of what it says.  Furthermore, if there is useful information in the report, I think we should use it in our Service work in Area 46.  I have posted the abridged Communications Audit Report on the delegate’s webpage at   I would be happy to hold workshops or come to your district meeting so we can explore this report together.   I will have time in April and early May – please call.

Speaking of reports, it’s time to schedule delegate reports of the 2019 General Service Conference.  My first report will be given at the Area Convention in Santa Fe.  DCMs, please call to schedule a delegate report for your district.  Once again, Bill will be available to give a Service workshop before the delegate report.  For those of you who heard the Service 101 workshop last year, Bill is preparing a Service 201 workshop for this year.

Your grateful servant,

Teresa J.
Area 46 Delegate