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Bill L.

Panel 70 (2020-2021)

Conference Committee: Treatment and Accessibilities

71st Conference Committee Chair for the Conference Committee on Treatment and Accessibilities

SW Region Alternate Delegate Representative 2020

SW Region Delegate Representative 2021

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I am very interested in hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at

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71st GSC Final List of Agenda Items (English)

71st GSC Final List of Agenda Items (Spanish)

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Getting Involved in the General Service Conference Process

Your input is requested!

Now is the time for any agenda items that we want to submit for consideration at the 71st General Service Conference.  If you or your Group, or your District have any items that they would like to be presented for consideration at the 71st General Service Conference, please let me know and we can work on the submittal.

Part of the Conference process is for the Delegate to report back to each District in Area 46.  Perhaps something to do with “Directly responsible to those they Serve”.  This is your opportunity to interact with your Delegate and hear what took place at this year’s Conference and let your Delegate know what you might want to see at the next Conference.  This is a time when you can bring forward potential Agenda Items for future Conferences.  You are a part of this process all year around.  Please ask your DCM to schedule a Delegate’s Conference Report.  I look forward to hearing from everyone in our Area.

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It is our custom in Area 46 for the delegate to give a report on what happened at the most recent General Service Conference in every district that wants one.  This gives members, who might not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to hear what happened and ask any questions they want.  All A.A. members are welcome to attend these reports.  I will make this Conference Report available either as a Virtual interactive event, or my preference is to still come out to each District “Live” as soon as we are able to gather again.

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The Year-Round General Service Conference Process

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Remote Communicator

Remote communities can be defined as those where individuals have difficulty accessing A.A. due to any of the following barriers:

  • Geography (distance or isolating location (such as a military base, reservation, etc.))
  • Language (linguistics or dialects)
  • Culture (customs and/or beliefs)

The day before the official start of the 2019 General Service Conference, most of the delegates got together to share their experience, strength and hope in serving remote communities. This year, the theme of the remote communities meeting was “Cultural Challenges in Reaching Remote Communities.”  The “Remote Communicator” includes some of the interesting ideas and experiences that were shared during this wonderful meeting.  You can download and read the “Remote Communicator” here:

2019 Remote Communicator

Delegate Report

February 2021 Delegate Report

Delegate (ENGLISH)

Well, we are well into 2021.

Let us all reflect for a little bit on 2020 and the pandemic’s devastating effect on life in our Area.  As we contemplate the nature of COVID, does it not impact some people dramatically different that it does others?  Some are seemingly not affected at all, some have significant complications from it, and for some it is actually fatal.  Is it not true that everyone is inconvenienced by it, and in some form are we not endangered by the behavior of those who have it?  Does any of this sound strangely similar to the life we have all lived facing alcoholism?  Some are impacted more that others, for some, alcohol is fatal, and certainly everyone around us is impacted by the behavior of those of us who are afflicted with alcoholism.  Our program offers us a way to live life in spite of our alcoholism.  What parts of our cherished program can we transfer to our lives outside of meetings in this pandemic world?  Would Love and Tolerance help the world around us? Just as we love and care for the well being of any newcomer, can we learn to carry that same level of genuine care for another human being into the public world?  We have been given some beautiful tools to utilize in our struggles with alcohol and our crazy lives.  Can we not in turn try to extend our use of these tools to those about us in our respective hometowns, and in our Area?  Surely our burden will feel lighter if we try to help others, and surely, the people around us could benefit from a gesture of kindness, and love, and tolerance from each of us.  We can take what we know how to do and help make our world just a little better in 2021.

The 71st General Service Conference is fast approaching.  By the time this is printed, I will have attended the January GS Board Meeting to assist in development of the Final Agenda Items.  That list will be available soon, and the full background material will follow shortly thereafter.  I invite each of you to involve yourself in the process and help pass along your feelings on the agenda to the Delegate.

Work continues at the GSO Treatment and Accessibilities to move forward with Remote Communities Committees Guidelines and a Workbook.  Virtual meetings have been life saving during COVID, but there are tremendous applications for virtual meetings in the Treatment arena, the Accessibilities arena, and Remote Communities applications.  I hope that each of us will find a virtual meeting or two to become a steady part of our individual meeting plans.  If virtual meetings stay in place post COVID, there will be much value that we can provide.  I invite each of you to consider supporting a virtual meeting as a personal service commitment so that is stays active.

I remain forever Grateful for the opportunity to Serve Area 46 as your Delegate.  Thank you for allowing me to be the caretaker of this great responsibility for a short while.

In Love and Service,

Bill L., Area 46 Delegate


Febrero de 2021 Informe del Delegado

Delegado (SPANISH)

¡Bien! estamos bien en 2021.

Reflexionemos un poco sobre 2020 y el efecto devastador de la pandemia en la vida en nuestra zona.  Al contemplar la naturaleza de COVID, ¿no afecta a algunas personas dramáticamente diferente que a otras?  Algunos aparentemente no se ven afectados en absoluto, algunos tienen complicaciones significativas de ella, y para algunos es realmente fatal.  ¿No es cierto que todo el mundo se vea incoado por ella, y de alguna manera no estamos en peligro por el comportamiento de quienes lo tienen?  ¿Algo de esto suena extrañamente similar a la vida que todos hemos vivido enfrentando el alcoholismo?  Algunos se ven afectados más que otros, para algunos, el alcohol es fatal, y ciertamente todos a nuestro alrededor se ven afectados por el comportamiento de aquellos de nosotros que estamos afligidos por el alcoholismo. Nuestro programa nos ofrece una forma de vivir la vida a pesar de nuestro alcoholismo.  ¿Qué partes de nuestro preciado programa podemos transferirnos a nuestras vidas fuera de las reuniones en este mundo pandémico?  ¿Ayudaría el Amor y la Tolerancia al mundo que nos rodea?  Así como amamos y cuidamos el bienestar de cualquier recién llegado, ¿podemos aprender a llevar ese mismo nivel de cuidado genuino por otro ser humano en el mundo público?  Nos han dado algunas herramientas hermosas para utilizar en nuestras luchas con el alcohol y nuestras vidas locas.  ¿No podemos a su vez tratar de extender nuestro uso de estas herramientas a aquellos sobre nosotros en nuestras respectivas ciudades de pueblo, y en nuestra Área.  Seguramente nuestra carga se sentirá más ligera si tratamos de ayudar a los demás, y seguramente, las personas que nos rodean podrían beneficiarse de un gesto de bondad, amor y tolerancia de cada uno de nosotros.  Podemos tomar lo que sabemos hacer y ayudar a hacer nuestro mundo un poco mejor en 2021.

La 71a Conferencia de Servicios Generales se acerca rápidamente. Para cuando se imprima esto, habrá asistido a la Reunión de la Junta de Servicios Generales de enero para ayudar en el desarrollo de los puntos finales de la agenda.  Esa lista estará disponible pronto, y el material de antecedentes completo seguirá poco después. Le invito a cada uno de ustedes a participar en el proceso y ayudar a transmitir sus sentimientos en la agenda al Delegado.

Continúan los trabajos en el Tratamiento y Accesibilidad de la OSG para avanzar con las Directrices de los Comités de Comunidades Remotas y un Libro de Trabajo.  Las reuniones virtuales han salvado la vida durante el COVID, pero hay tremendas aplicaciones para reuniones virtuales en el ámbito de Tratamiento, el ámbito de las Accesibilidades y las aplicaciones de Comunidades remotas.  Espero que cada uno de nosotros encuentre una reunión virtual o dos para convertirse en una parte constante de nuestros planes de reunión individuales. Si las reuniones virtuales permanecen en su lugar después de COVID, habrá mucho valor que podemos proporcionar. Invito a cada uno de ustedes a considerar apoyar una reunión virtual como un compromiso de servicio personal para que se mantenga activo.

Permanezco para siempre Agradecido por la oportunidad de Servir el área 46 como su Delegado. Gracias por permitir que yo sea el guardia de esta gran responsabilidad por un corto tiempo.

En el amor y el servicio

Bill L., Delegado del Área 46