Area 46 Delegate

Bill L.

Panel 70 (2020-2021)

Conference Committee: Treatment and Accessibilities

71st Conference Committee Chair for the Conference Committee on Treatment and Accessibilities

SW Region Alternate Delegate Chair 2020

SW Region Delegate Chair 2021


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I am very interested in hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at


Results from the 70th General Service Conference

70th GSC Final Report (Anonymity Protected) – English

70th GSC Final Report (Anonymity Protected) – Spanish

Quick Reference 70th Conference Area 46

GSC Newsletter 2020 A46

For those who are interested, here are links to the results from the 70th General Service Conference. 

70th GSC Advisory Actions (English)

70th GSC Advisory Actions (Spanish)

70th GSC Committee Considerations (English)

70th GSC Committee Considerations (Spanish)

70th GSC Agenda Items Forwarded to 71st GSC English)

70th GSC Agenda Items Forwarded to 71st GSC (Spanish)

70th GSC Floor Actions forwarded to trustees’ Committee on the GSC (English)

70th GSC Floor Actions forwarded to trustees’ Committee on the GSC (Spanish)


Getting Involved in the General Service Conference

Your input is requested!

Some of you may have heard by now that the 70th General Service Conference will not be held live, onsite in Rye Brook, NY this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Trustees and Board of Directors have elected to hold the Conference in a “Virtual” manner on a Digital Platform.  Please help me welcome AA to the 21st Century.  I am thrilled to help pioneer this first ever Virtual Conference.  The Conference will be held May 16 – 19, 2020.

Part of the Conference process is for the Delegate to report back to each District in Area 46.  Perhaps something to do with “Directly responsible to those they Serve”.  This is your opportunity to interact with your Delegate and hear what took place at this year’s Conference and let your Delegate know what you might want to see at the next Conference.  This is a time when you can bring forward potential Agenda Items for future Conferences.  You are a part of this process all year around.  Please ask your DCM to schedule a Delegate’s Conference Report.  I look forward to hearing from everyone in our Area.

Delegate’s Schedule:


It is our custom in Area 46 for the delegate to give a report on what happened at the most recent General Service Conference in every district that wants one.  This gives members, who might not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to hear what happened and ask any questions they want.  All A.A. members are welcome to attend these reports.  I will make this Conference Report available either as a Virtual interactive event, or my preference is to still come out to each District “Live” as soon as we are able to gather again.

You can click here to see my current schedule:

Delegates Calendar as of 8-25-2020

Upcoming Delegate Conference Reports:

Thursday August 27, 2020   7:00 PM – 8:30 PM              District 16           Zoom ID: 817 8273 6174         Passcode: district16

Sunday August 30, 2020      10:30 AM – 2:00 PM            District 4             Zoom ID: 976 5792 4215         Passcode: 139861

Sunday September 20, 2020  9:30 AM – 11:00 AM         Districts 14/15   Zoom ID:

Sunday September 28, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM            District 7


The Year-Round General Service Conference Process

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Remote Communicator

Remote communities can be defined as those where individuals have difficulty accessing A.A. due to any of the following barriers:

  • Geography (distance or isolating location (such as a military base, reservation, etc.))
  • Language (linguistics or dialects)
  • Culture (customs and/or beliefs)

The day before the official start of the 2019 General Service Conference, most of the delegates got together to share their experience, strength and hope in serving remote communities. This year, the theme of the remote communities meeting was “Cultural Challenges in Reaching Remote Communities.”  The “Remote Communicator” includes some of the interesting ideas and experiences that were shared during this wonderful meeting.  You can download and read the “Remote Communicator” here:

2019 Remote Communicator

Delegate Report

August 2020 Delegate Report

Delegate (ENGLISH)

On July 5, we lost one of our valued long-time trusted servants here in Area 46.  David D served Area 46 for a number of years from DCM in District 10, to Area Corrections Chair, to Area Bridge the Gap Chair.  David was one of the good guys in this Fellowship and his ever-present enthusiasm will be missed. Personally, he was a good friend of mine, as I know that he was a good friend to many.  May he always enjoy the big meeting in the Sky.  We will miss you our dear friend.

Conference Reports are the order of the day this time of year.  July saw Conference Reports in District 6, District 9, and in Districts 12/13.  Coming up will be August 8 in District 18, August 15 in District 3, and August 30 in District 4.  DCM’s, please consider scheduling a Conference Report.  They can be live or Virtual.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  I have a Delegate’s Calendar posted on the Delegate’s page so you can see what time slots are available.

We had our first Virtual Area Assembly on May 30.  On June 5-6-7, we had our Area 46 State Convention for the first time ever on a Virtual Platform.  We will have our September Assembly on a Virtual platform as well.  Independent of the need for all of this virtual communication let us not forget that our Primary Purpose is to Carry the Message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who still suffers.  I salute all of the Groups that have done such a wonderful job of making our message available via virtual meetings.  Additionally, I encourage all of our Area Committees to explore virtual avenues to communicate and conduct Area business.  The Area has Zoom availability, and Free Conference Call is still available for all to utilize, both in voice conference call format as well as virtually with video.  There are many ways to get your committee in place and carrying our message.

As our Groups all navigate how to conduct 7th Tradition collections, please consider making additional contributions to GSO.  The health crisis has had a major impact on our General Service Office, and they can use our support.  Individually, there is a Birthday plan where we can express our Gratitude for our sobriety with a Direct Contribution to GSO. You can look for details on  Over the years, there have been invitations to contribute a nominal amount, usually around the amount equal to GSO expenses per person.  In recent years, this has been around $8 or so.

In Love and Service,

Bill L., Area 46 Delegate


Delegados Informe de agosto, 2020

Delegado (SPANISH)

El 5 de julio, perdimos a uno de nuestros valiosos Servidores de Confianza desde hace mucho tiempo aquí en el Área 46. David D. sirvió al Área 46 por un número de años desde MCD en el Distrito 10, Coordinador de Correcciones de Área al Coordinador del Comité Uniendo Las Orillas.  David fue uno de los buenos Compañeros en esta Comunidad y su entusiasmo siempre presente se echará de menos.  Personalmente, era un buen Amigo mío, ya que sé que era un buen Amigo para muchos.  Que siempre disfrute de la gran reunión en el Cielo.  Te echaremos de menos, nuestro querido Amigo.

Los informes de la Conferencia están a la orden del día en esta época del año. En julio se vieron los Informes de la Conferencia en el Distrito 6, el Distrito 9 y en los Distritos 12/13. Próximamente será el 8 de agosto en el Distrito 18, el 15 de agosto en el Distrito 3 y el 30 de agosto en el Distrito 4.  MCD’S, por favor considere la programación de un Informe de la Conferencia. Pueden ser vivos o Virtuales. Por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo en cualquier momento.  Tengo un Calendario de Delegados publicado en la página del Delegado para que pueda ver qué hora las ranuras están disponibles.

Tuvimos nuestra primera Asamblea de Área Virtual el 30 de mayo.  El 5-6-7 de junio, tuvimos nuestra Convención Estatal de Área 46 por primera vez en una Plataforma Virtual.  También tendremos nuestra Asamblea de Septiembre en una Plataforma Virtual.  Independientemente de la necesidad de toda esta comunicación virtual no olvidemos que nuestro Propósito Primordial es llevar el Mensaje de Alcohólicos Anónimos al alcohólico que aún sufre.  Saludo a todos los Grupos que han hecho un trabajo tan maravilloso de hacer que nuestro mensaje esté disponible a través de reuniones virtuales.  Además, animo a todos nuestros Comités de Área a explorar vías virtuales para comunicar y conducir negocios de Área.  El Área tiene disponibilidad de Zoom, y la Llamada de Conferencia Gratuita sigue estando disponible para todos, tanto en formato de conferencia de voz como virtualmente con vídeo.  Hay muchas maneras de poner en marcha su Comité y llevar nuestro mensaje.

A medida que nuestros Grupos navegan por cómo llevar a cabo colecciones de la Séptima Tradición, considere hacer contribuciones adicionales a la OSG.  La crisis de salud ha tenido un impacto importante en nuestra Oficina de Servicios Generales, y pueden utilizar nuestro apoyo.  Individualmente, hay un plan de Cumpleaños donde podemos expresar nuestra Gratitud por nuestra sobriedad con una Contribución Directa a la OSG.  Puedes buscar detalles en A lo largo de los años, se han hecho invitaciones para contribuir con una cantidad nominal, generalmente alrededor de la cantidad igual a los gastos de la OSG por persona.  En años recientes, esto ha sido aproximadamente $8.00 más o menos.

En el Amor y El Servicio

Bill L., Delegado del Área 46