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Panel 70 (2020-2021) Delegate:  Bill L.

Conference Committee: Treatment and Accessibilities

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I am very interested in hearing from members, groups, and districts!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance, please contact me at

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It is our custom in Area 46 for the delegate to give a report on what happened at the most recent General Service Conference in every district that wants one.  This gives members, who might not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to hear what happened and ask any questions they want.  All A.A. members are welcome to attend these reports.

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Delegates Calendar as of 1-11-2020

Getting Involved in the General Service Conference

Area 46 created a pamphlet to explain how groups can get involved in the General Service Conference.  You can link to this pamphlet by clicking on one of the following links:

“WE Are AA: Getting Involved in the Conference Process”  (English)
“SOMOS A.A.:  Involucarse en el proceso de la Conferenci”  (Spanish)

Remote Communicator

Remote communities can be defined as those where individuals have difficulty accessing A.A. due to any of the following barriers:

  • Geography (distance or isolating location (such as a military base, reservation, etc.))
  • Language (linguistics or dialects)
  • Culture (customs and/or beliefs)

The day before the official start of the 2019 General Service Conference, most of the delegates got together to share their experience, strength and hope in serving remote communities. This year, the theme of the remote communities meeting was “Cultural Challenges in Reaching Remote Communities.”  The “Remote Communicator” includes some of the interesting ideas and experiences that were shared during this wonderful meeting.  You can download and read the “Remote Communicator” here:

2019 Remote Communicator

Communications Audit

LET”S TALK ABOUT THE COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT…  The General Service Board commissioned an audit of our internal and external communications to see how well we are communicating within our Fellowship and to the public.  The audit began in 2017 and was completed in 2018.  Please read a summary of the report.  (The results begin on page 11).

Communications Audit (English)
Communications Audit_ES (Spanish)

Delegate Report
January 2020

Warm Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone in Area 46.  Welcome to a new rotation in Service.  As we start this new rotation filled with excitement and enthusiasm and some trepidation about our new positions, rest assured that all of our program operates the same way.  We serve in any given position for two years, starting out not fully knowing our position or the work that it will entail.  Yet, we approach it with all of the enthusiasm and excitement that we have.  That wonderful nervous energy conquers our “Fear of looking like we don’t know what we are doing”.  And by the end of the rotation, with guidance and dependence on our Higher Power, we realize that not only did we make it through, we grew and learned from our service experience, and we find Gratitude.  At which time….we rotate into another position which we don’t yet fully understand and feel like we are fearful about it.  And on and on it goes, every two years we enter into a new arena that we are not familiar with.  Let me assure you, it gets better and it gets easier as you go along.  And when that happens, that fearful feeling gets replaced by trust in our Higher Power and gets replaced with curiosity for what’s ahead, rather that fear of what’s ahead.  I have done this rotation thing 9 times now, and I have come to learn to trust my Higher Power and my experiences such that I do not have to be so nearly fearful of a new position.  This is where I find myself at the beginning of this rotation as Delegate.  I am not fearful, as I know from experience that it always turns out OK.  This allows me the freedom to enjoy and look forward to the upcoming rotation with pure love and enthusiasm and curiosity, with no hinderance from our bedeviling friend “Fear”.  What a true blessing it is to learn all of this through the act of being of service and trying to give back the program that we all love so dearly.  If you are new to this rotation process, let go of the fear, and embrace the curiosity, and you will have more fun sooner.

I have been assigned to the Treatment and Accessibilities Conference Committee.  I look forward to this rotation, and will be awaiting the Conference Agenda Items, and background material arriving in February.  March will open with our Trusted Servants and DCM Orientation on the 1st.  The 6th,7th & 8th will take me to a speaking engagement in Amarillo at the Top of Texas Anniversary celebration.  The 13th, 14th, & 15th will be over to Oklahoma City for The SW Region Delegate’s Assembly.  And the 27th, 28th & 29th will be in Taos for our Pre-Conference Assembly.

In Love and Service,

Bill L., Area 46 Delegate