2019 General Service Conference

69th General Service Conference

To be held May 19 – 25, 2019 in New York, NY

2019 Final List of Agenda Items (English)
2019 Final List of Agenda Items (Spanish)

(Although the report is anonymity protected it contains A.A. matters to be shared with the Fellowship, rather than with the general public.)

2019 Area 46 Delegate Report

2019 Advisory Actions
(Actions passed by at least 2/3 vote of the Conference)

2019 Additional Committee Considerations
(These suggestions are made by Conference committees and are not voted on by the entire Conference, thus, they do not carry the same weight as do “Advisory Actions”)

2019 Recommendations & Floor Actions NOT Resulting in Advisory Actions
(These include Agenda Items that were recommended by Conference committees and motions made by during the Conference (i.e. Floor Actions) but not passed by the Conference)

Financial Presentation