GSO Announcements Related to COVID-19

General Service Office Closed (3/20/20)

New York State has shut down 100% of operations of “nonessential” businesses/organizations today! (3/20/2020)

The 475 Riverside Drive location of the General Service Office is closed for business for an as-yet-undetermined period of time. We have in place a contingency and business continuity plan, which includes 90% of our employees teleworking, but there is no support staff in the office. In addition, other vendors and suppliers upon whom we depend are experiencing shutdowns. We’re all in the same boat, so to speak.

In the meantime, we will try our best to keep the lines of communication open, so that you may email (preferable to calls) with questions and concerns you may have.

Area 46 Delegate Inserted Note:

Members can call into or email the service desks and office as normal.  However, know that there could be some delay on responses. We are picking up our messages and receiving our emails as normal. Just from home.
(from Patrick C – Conference Coordinator) 

In the virtual environment, on social media and through electronic communications, we are hearing of much love and a spirit of service being shared in our Fellowship. Groups and members are reaching out to the workers in this office, to local Intergroups and Central Offices, to Area and District committees, with messages of support. We remain in a contingency operations mode to be able to help any and all as best we can.

More to come. Be well and sober and safe, one day at a time.

Yours with an abundance of gratitude,

Greg T
General Manager
General Service Office of A.A.
475 Riverside Drive
New York, NY  10115

2020 General Service Conference meeting virtually for the first time ever (3/15/20)

Some of you may have heard by now that the 70th General Service Conference will not be held live, onsite in Rye Brook, NY this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Trustees and Board of Directors have elected to hold the Conference in a “Virtual” manner on a Digital Platform.  Please help me welcome AA to the 21st Century.  I am thrilled to help pioneer this first ever Virtual Conference.

The first General Service Conference theme was

“1951: Genuine Faith – It Begins as an Experiment and Ends as an Experience.” 

We are about ready to repeat history, 70 years later!  And we will enter into this venture with a Genuine Faith.

“A Virtual Conference” is an intriguing prospect and a situation filled with the potential for spiritual growth. We will face many “Remote Community” challenges. While we will no longer be meeting in person, technology has advanced sufficiently for us to still meet face to face. I am reminded that in the beginning of AA they wondered if the language of the heart could even be put into print with a book. They found that it could. When A.A. spread overseas, the next barrier that was broken was translation. They found that our solution could be translated into any language. Today we are faced with a new barrier, can our spiritual process be transmitted through technology. I know in my heart that it can and look forward to serving the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as a pioneer as we push the frontiers of spiritual freedom.  As we take this unprecedented leap into the digital world, I have complete confidence that not only will this Conference be successful, but that many aspects of our new venture will provide benefits for our Area 46 which is filled with Remote Community aspects. I feel fully prepared to carry the Conscience of Area 46 into all deliberations on the matters at hand for the betterment of our Fellowship as a whole. I am infinitely Blessed and forever Grateful that I will be a part of such a historic event in the history of our Fellowship.  I will keep with me a Genuine Faith in a loving Higher Power, a full and grateful heart, an open mind, and my past years of experience, strength, hope and service and utilize it all to serve you and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our March Assembly will be postponed until May. I invite each of you to participate in our Delegate’s Conference Call Series.  I have scheduled a series of call in conference calls so that all of you have the opportunity to pass along any feelings and input which you may have on any of our Conference Agenda Items.  We will venture together into the digital world as part of our preparation for the virtual Conference.

The primary exchange of information will be Audio Only, however, I will be hosting the meeting online.  If you would like to join the meeting online, I may or may not have information to share on screen.  The online portion will be optional and not required.  Dial in for audio only will be sufficient.

I am going to offer five 1-hour sessions for open discussion.  All sessions are the same, so you only need to attend one to to have your voice heard by the Delegate.

The Schedule is as Follows:

General Service Conference Agenda Item Discussions with the Delegate

I invite each of you to participate in our Delegate’s Conference Call Series.  I have scheduled a series of call in conference calls so that all of you have the opportunity to pass along any feelings and input which you may have on any of our Conference Agenda Items.

Sunday March 22, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Monday March 23, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday March 28, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday April 1, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday April 3, 12:00 PM (noon) – 1:00 PM

Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6362

Access code: 857593#

Online meeting ID: area46delegate

Join the online meeting:

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text “Help” to the Dial-In number above. Message and data rates may apply.

GSO COVID-19 Announcement (released 3-11-20)

Responding to Health & Safety Issues

Responder a cuestiones de salud y seguridad