Area 46 Treasurer

 Welcome to the Area 46 Treasurer’s page!

Area 46 has been working for many years to achieve financial transparency with our membership.  Financial reports are published each month in El Farolito, Area 46’s newsletter.  In addition, financial reports are given at every Area Assembly.  Previous treasurers have worked hard to make these reports thorough yet understandable.  I will continue to work toward this goal.

If you have specific questions regarding Area financial reports, general questions about Area 46’s financial policies and practices or if you have any finance/treasurer-related questions related to AA, groups or Districts please contact me.  I would love to be of service if I can.

Anonymity prevents me from listing my phone number online, but you can send me an email at   You can also find my phone number in El Farolito — feel free to use it!


  7th Tradition Contributions can be mailed to:

Area 46

PO BOX 587

El Prado, NM 87529

   Please make checks payable to “Area 46”
   Include your Group Name and District number on each check